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  1. is there a reader that allow me to read the data as it is and still get the results.
  2. I mean to say "
    Though the arraystore reads four records in the designer, for some reason when it display in the grid, even though four records shows up, but only the first character or each record...
  3. I create a model and grid with one column and also use the arraystore to read the data. the data is
    ["DomesticA","AddonA","InternationalA","DomesticB"]. Though the arraystore reads for records in...
  4. Well, it looks like it is a chrome problem. Once I clear browser data, everything work. (Simplely Reload doesn't work) Weird
  5. I create carStore example following the direction in the tutorial, and it works fine until recently in google chrome with Uncaught ReferenceError: Ext is not defined designer.js:13, Uncaught...
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    droping in the stores node in the project works. Wish it could be drop in the convas also regardless whether it has component or not
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    I try to follow the Getting Start Guide, but get stuck in drag and drop JSON Store, (it doesn't allow me to drop, does any one know what could be cause of this?
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