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  1. I found better solution.
    In renderOnScroll, calling 'save & restore selection' after replaceItemList, appendItems, insertItems.
    Then, after every dynamic add/remove, reselect previous selection.
  2. To keep selection during scrolling,
    scroll stop --> itemCleanup() --> updateItemList() --> keep previous selection.
    but sometimes this doesn't work.

    Because sometimes this.all.elements.length...
  3. I answered to my 'More button' question by myself.
    I added this.renderOnScroll() just below this.renderOnScroll(0) in refresh() and it fixed.
    Because it shows up again when scroll starts again.
  4. I never tried Ext.XTemplate.from() but I saw at the first post in this thread,

    '...itemTpl should be specified only as a string, not as an XTemplate...'
  5. I tried to make a page with BufferedList and 'More' button.

    When I click 'More' button,, true) will called so array will be added to the old list.

    but if I test it...
  6. When I use bufferedList with group header.

    loadData -> scroll up a little bit -> scroll down so scroll pos will be 0
    -> PinHeader and group header both shown.

    Usually it doesn't matter but I...
  7. I want to change the panel's look based on the orientation so I used .x-portrait .class1 / .x-landscape .class1... but it didn't show what I expected.

    I found the problem after the first...
  8. Another bug.
    If I select some items and do filter which includes the selected item,
    addCls of null error occured.

    To test add below code after loadData,

  9. New bug in 0.15.
    if group header is unicode. pinHeader show escaped string like %U3131.
    If I remove escape in UxBufList.js, it is ok.
  10. I tested sencha-touch-1.0.1a/examples/list-search after some compile fix.
    It works well. sorting is good, searching(filtering) is good.

    But when I changed the source to use loadData(), the search...
  11. I found a bug.
    If there is only one item. selectedCls is not applied.
    It seems that bottomItemRendered is 0, so getNode returns null.
    I changed source a little bit like below and it is solved.

  12. try this.

    text: 'Call Back to Android',
    handler: function() {
  13. Thank you MichaelFrank for this awesome BufferedList.
    and also thank you, gcallaghan.
    your fix makes getGroupString possible to return more than a char.
  14. I found DataView.isSelected(index) doesn't work in Sencha Touch 1.0.1a.
    DataView.getSelectionModel().isSelected(index) works fine.

    Because DataView.isSelected(index) assumes that
    the argument is...
  15. It seems that orientation change in android takes more than 1 second.
    So I looked at the sencha code and I found some delay in
    Ext.Viewport onOrientationChange - (200+200ms), Ext.Viewport...
  16. I also found 1.0.1 is more flickering than 1.0.

    Unfortunately I have to use 1.0.1 because of 'onclick'. (1.0 has bug in 'onclick')

    I tried to merge 1.0.1 and 1.0 but no good.

    Any suggestion...
  17. In Kitchen Sink Demo - Animation - Slide, There is flickering issue in Android 2.2.
    AFAIK, it didn't happen in Android 2.1.
    It seems quite a serious bug, but only few people pointed it out....
  18. Replies
    I didn't have this issue in Android 2.1 Galaxy S.
    I have it now in Android 2.2 Galaxy S.

    sencha version 1.0~
  19. I'm glad I found this thread. I'm having hard time with List & massive data.
    I hope Sencha Touch will be improved with your solutions.
    Merry Christmas~
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