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    I am dynamically adding column to grid and after addition Ext.ux.grid.FilterRow is not retained.
    so i used below mentioned code but still no luck.

    var filterRow = new...
  2. Can i use Ext Js 4 sandbox feature to implement new code in Ext Js 4 and let existing Ext Js 2.3 work as it is with the new version ? any pointer on this will be helpful.
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    I am also looking for the same and wondering whether is there any pointer for the same ?
  4. Even i am not able to get checkbox in Ext 3.2 and combo looks like as in attached screen .Someone can help..
  5. Thanks for quick reply !!
    I copied the lovcombo code as it is in my server instance and not able to see the checkbox in combo the imgae is looking like as in attached screenshot.20694
  6. Is there a way to select all checkbox in Ext.ux.form.LovCombo.
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