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  1. Hi,

    I want to define two classes in one file. The second class extends first class.

    Ext.define('app.ToolOptionPanel', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
  2. It's OK. My fault when making .jsp3 file and building application.
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    In some cases classes in JSB3 file are not placed have incorrect order.

    Ext.define('myapp.DirectProxy', {
    extend: '',
    requires: [''],...
  4. Hi,

    I have problem with my Ext application in production mode.

    This is debug-mode html.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
  5. I found workaround to this issue. Hope can be helpful.

    xtype: 'combobox',
    defaultListConfig: {
    getInnerTpl: function(displayField) {
  6. Bug still occurs in [4.0.2]. Please fix it or give some workaround.
  7. Exception occurs only when grid is not rendered yet.
  8. Hi,

    Unable to call bindStore() function on GridPanel. Exception is thrown.

    Exception stack:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined...
  9. [4.0.2] RC - problem still occurs. So, will it be fixed?
  10. Please, fix this issue in 4.0.2 :)
  11. Hi,

    When I change text for longer one, menu width (after next open) back to its default width 120px.
  12. Hi,

    Tree selectPath() function with separator other than default '/' doesn't work.
  13. Yes, the same problem. Thanks for workaround, but this is not a solution that satisfied me. :)
    I would like something like index of column, bar.
  14. Hi,

    There is a bug in ComboBox when displaying html characters e.g. '<', '>'.
    I want to add '<Custom>' value to combo store. In combo picker empty string is displayed, but when I select this...
  15. Each yField consist of 3 columns in my example. I mean that I'm unable to determine on which column tip is displayed. No column index is passed to tip renderer. I hope this will be fixed soon.
  16. Hi,

    There is a bug in PropertyGrid. Grid is always sorted and sortable even sortableColumns is set to false.
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    There is no way to setup first column width for PropertyGrid.
  18. Hi,

    I have ComboBox as CustomEditor in PropertyGrid. First time when I want to open ComboBox, its value is cleared. I have to click another time to open ComboBox.

  19. Hi,

    Problem still occures [4.0.1]. Will it be corrected?
  20. Hi,

    There is a bug in combobox. 'Change' event is called twice when I select value. First call - newValue is null, secend call - newValue is what I selected.

    xtype: 'combobox',
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    But in my case queryMode: 'local' is required not to load store every time I open combo. So there is still a problem.
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    It's OK when I remove queryMode: 'local'.
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    When I manually add item to combobox store and sort after that (see addHostName), just added item is not sorted.

    xtype: 'combobox',
    itemId: 'hostName',
  24. Yes, performance on IE & FireFox is just terrible, especially grids. Chrome is OK.
  25. Hi,

    Please look at ExtJS example "examples/charts/Bar.html" and remove "width" & "height" config options. Tips aren't sized automatically in this case.

    series: [{
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