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  1. Hi,

    google drive offers to host websites. For example, you upload some html file to the folder "test", you get a link like the following and can access the files
  2. Hi Schildi,

    Yes, I did, in app.js. I added this also to my code example.

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    So it's not on the feature list for future releases?
  4. Just a typo in the example code ... Sorry. Problem remains.
  5. Dear all,

    I'm using MVC. Recently I encountered a problem loading a model for a store, getting a naming error:

    In the DataView declaration the abbreviation 'MyModel' is fine but for the...
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    Dear all,

    in SQL you can define a view that builds up on existing tables. Example in "abstract" SQL:

    table person: (id, name, company_id)
    table company: (id, company_name)

    view employee:...
  7. Dear Jim,

    thanks for this interesting post. When I first went through the controllers documentation and started experimenting with it, I encountered the same question. I'm adding my example and my...
  8. Ext.define('SfS.view.StartView', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'startview',

    config: {
    layout: 'vbox',
    items: [
    xtype: 'image',
    src: './resources/images/tomate.jpg',
  9. Hi Naveen,

    the app is for some selected users of our company. Nothing fancy and pretty uninteressting for general users :-(. I'm doing some experiments ...
    But by now - my app works fine on...
  10. Hi,

    there are different ways adding an image to a panel. For me this worked:

    Ext.define('SfS.view.StartView', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
    xtype: 'startview',

    config: {
  11. Hi,

    thanks for another option. I found the problem: I need to run bbwp with local administrator privileges. Also, I must include index.html, config.xml, app.js and the folders app, resources into...
  12. Hi Naveenan,

    I got everything installed and can play my app within ripple emulator. Looks nice. Thanks so far.

    Even though the WebWorks documentation is very detailed, I don't succeed building...
  13. Thanks for the reply. Any hints for me how to proceed? My app runs with the browser and I have no idea how to get it deployed without additional information ...
  14. Dear Naveen,

    thanks for the reply. Does this mean
    1. I can develop my app in sencha touch 2.0.3 as usual
    2. Then I transfer my sources, e.g. app.js/indext.html/mainview.js and so on to WebWorks...
  15. I went through sencha 2.0.3 documentation chapter "Using and creating builds". When it comes to inspect and update the "index.html", my "index.html" generated by sencha command line (sencha generate...
  16. Hi,

    the way to get a build for blackberry using looks promising to me. No installation, just upload the sources and get back a ready to use app.

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