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    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone had run into a weird issue with using extjs 3.4 and highcharts on a Windows touch capable laptop/desktop. If you look at my attachment you'll see the...
  2. Use the containerclick event of the dataview and return false :D
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    Thanks guys.

    Looks like there isn't really a good solution for this problem. Maybe it will be adjusted in future updates. As of now I'm just going to continue listening to the grid's itemclick...
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    Has anyone tried to listen to an actioncolumn's handler inside of their controller? I'm trying to stay consistent with the MVC structure but that means in order to use the action column I need to use...
  5. Ok I understand thanks.

    Doesn't this solution seem kind of out of the way though? Is there a reason that after/before events weren't created for the Sencha Touch components but they were for the...
  6. Oh I see what you mean. I'm using the controller though so I have something like the following:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.MyController', {
    extend: '',

    config: {...
  7. What do you mean by 'doing the logic with order of after'? Is there a way I can wait until the animation takes place and then perform my logic?

    I should also note that I'm using touch 2.0.1
  8. the dataview should have an xtype:
    Ext.define('GS.view.EmpDataView', {
    extend: 'Ext.DataView',
    xtype: 'empdataview',

    config: {
    store: {
    fields: ['fname', 'lname', 'phone']
    data: [
  9. not sure what you're talking about without seeing the code but you may just have to give your dataview a layout, probably of fit. I've run into this issue multiple times where I have a dataview that...
  10. the items in your itemTpl need to have the same names as your fields. so instead of:
    fields: ['fname', 'lname', 'phone']
    data: [
    {fname: "Joseph", lname: "G", phone: "0034" },
    {fname: "Donna",...
  11. Has anyone else run into any issues regarding your touch app's speed/performance because of tabpanel and nav view events? I tend to notice that if I perform logic following a tabpanel's...
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    agreed plz bring it back :D
  13. Awesome thanks a bunch!!!!!
  14. I tried using rutzmic's solution but it still wasn't working for me.

    After some remote debugging I found that Ext.browser.version.isGreaterThan(3) crashes Chrome iOS because chrome iOS doesn't...
  15. Thanks Stan!

    The app is nice great job guys. Very impressed with how smooth it runs.
  16. This looks really cool and I tried to get my friend to log in for me (I don't have a Diablo account :() but she is saying that her password has letters in it. Is that possible, and if so how do you...
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    Not sure if this has anything to do with it but why do you have a layout of hbox on the toggle field?
  18. Our ST2 app was just published in the Apple app store! Check it out and let us know what you think.
  19. I had to do a few things in order to fix the problems I was having with my splash screen:

    Inside you're xcode project there is a folder below your www folder that should be named with your apps...
  20. Just an FYI the loading screen of your app is still the default Cordova splash screen. If you don't know how to change this let me know and I can try and help.

    Other than that congrats!

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    Works perfectly thanks!
  22. I'm not a Beyonce fan by any means but I checked out this app on my iphone 4 and it's really nice.

    I've been searching through all the Sencha Touch apps on the app store (that I can find) and this...
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    Thanks coolate that worked for me.
  24. @goverdhan

    you're probably going to have to use an XTemplate in order to get multiple buttons into the list...that's what I had to do anyway.
  25. @markwyner

    you are the effin man! thank u so much for posting this because the worst part of styling sencha touch is just getting everything set up and running.
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