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  1. You missed something vital in the above post.
  2. For a while now I have been trying to refresh a layout dialog when opened from an editable grid.

    I and other people in the community have been unable to solve this problem.

    So I thought I would...
  3. thanks for the reply.. I have tried that as well and it doesn't refresh the dialog

    I have pasted the nocache: true code here:
  4. Hi Jason,

    thanks for the reply.

    the problem I am having isn't with refreshing of the grid -- it is refreshing of the dialog box.

    correct me if I am wrong but your idea is references refresh...
  5. anyone else have any ideas on this pulease?
  6. thanks for the reply.

    the dialog gets created/loaded in the following function:

    function openDialog(grid, rowIndex, colIndex, e) { ... }
  7. Hmm.. this is interesting.

    I got rid of the lazy creation of the dialog to see what would happen:

    Unfortunately, the more dialogs...
  8. I have successfully created an editable grid where, if you click a specific column, a Layout Dialog pops up and async loads data based on the item clicked.

    It works for the first click.

  9. does anyone have a working example of a grid that allows the user to click a column of the grid and a Layout Dialog opens with more detailed information asyncronously loaded into the Layout Dialog...
  10. Can someone else give me a hand with this? Preferrably someone with some politeness?

    I am unsure how to tackle the problem I posted 2 posts above this one.

    If someone can point me to an...
  11. I am using Ext.LayoutDialog.

    I am trying to insert the XML data in the Layout Dialog based on the table column that is clicked. I have a column of soliders for a web game I am making for fun. If...
  12. Needless to say I tested it and played around with it.

    dialog.load is not a function is the repeated error I get.

    Can someone please give me some advice on how to utilize this?
  13. I am trying to open a layout dialog that async loads XML data when the user clicks a row in a grid. The XML data that async loads changes based on the troopId column of the grid that was clicked.
  14. Amen to that brother! User friendliness is a shortcoming with Extjs
  15. I have an addListener for my grid. When the user clicks on a cell I want the layout dialog to update with the data from the cell click row.

    My addListener code is partially here:

  16. I am trying to create a hidden column in my grid columnModel:

    var cm = new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([
    {header: "SoldierID", isHidden: true, dataIndex: 'troopId'},

    with that code the...
  17. [QUOTE=TopKatz;27595]you need to add the listner in the grid code, not the dialog, and it needs to hapen before you render it:

    grid.addListener("rowclick", rowClicked, this);
  18. I created an editor grid and in my columnModel I have a combobox.

    The grid loads fine with no errors.

    How do I make an async request to update my backend database if the user decides to...
  19. The below code loads fine with no errors.

    The selectionModel.getSelected is not a function error occurs only when the cell is clicked (and the addListener is activated):

  20. Bummer. I put it in the same order as you and it still outputs the same error.

  21. Hmm weird.. I keep getting this error:

    Error: selectionModel.getSelected is not a function

    I am looking for getSelected in the docs and I can't seem to find it either. I wish there was a...
  22. gotcha. thanks! much appreciated.

    using your advice now.
  23. Hi TopKatz,

    thanks for your help.

    I am trying to get the database ID of the row that was clicked, not the number of the row clicked.

    So, using my above example if soldier "Joe" is ID = 3 in...
  24. I have made a grid with the following structure:

    id(not shown) | Soldier Name | Soldier Specialty
    3 | Joe | Sniper
    7 | Mack | Heavy Weapons

    The first column is not actually shown, it is...
  25. for this line:

    var myRec = myStore.getAt("rowIndex");

    I assume "myStore" is the name of your grid, right?

    Also, where is "getAt" located in the documentation?
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