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  1. Complete solution


    I just saw the solution here and I applied but it didnt work, after checking the official documentation I found the error.

    The user "cbaj26" in the official documentation under the...
  2. It worked for me

    Hi all

    I tried this with Ext JS 4.1 and using the MVC and it worked perfectly!

    Thanks skirtle
  3. In my case it is not firebug


    I have tested your solution, but it is not working, I have tested the same example with Firefox, IE and Chrome and the problem is the same.

    With firefox and IE the only difference is the...
  4. My solution

    [UPGRADE]: The title that I wrote is wrong, sorry for that :(
    Hey guys

    I have the same problem:

    var administrationMenuTree = this.getAdministrationMenuTree();
    //alert( 'just wait a bit...'...
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