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  1. Ideally looking to use any structural elements...

    Ideally looking to use any structural elements (h1...h6, p, header, article, etc) be they HTML5 or otherwise (although video would likely be problematic). As for the ability to add .classes and #ids...
  2. Thanks for taking the time to edit your reply...

    Thanks for taking the time to edit your reply (compared to what I received via email). I don't recall suggesting that Sencha Animator become "a general purpose web editor for HTML5", simply that one...
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    Naming and Reuse of Animations

    In looking at the CSS Exported from Sencha Animator I'm noticing most objects are named along the lines of 'AN-sObj-val-18' rather than the name specified in the object panel. Animations are also...
  4. Using Sencha Animator with an existing HTML Documents

    On thing I'm finding to be a huge limitation for us is the fact that currently Sencha Animator is essentially only useful for replacing the type of Flash animations we don't typically create anymore....
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    Not sure who your primary persona is (developer,...

    Not sure who your primary persona is (developer, animator, designer, other...?), and whether or not you expect them to understand CSS terminology when using Sencha Animator - but one way to make the...
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    Support for SVG Images

    Often scaling an image will lead to blurring or pixelation. Being able to use images in an SVG/SVG-T format would be desirable.
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    Confusion re: Position of Objects

    One thing that took me a few minutes to get my head around was the two different means of the setting position of objects - one is animatable (via the Animation panel) the other is via the...
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    Animation Units

    Any chance it might be possible to animate with Sencha Animator in units other than pixels? Ems would be much more useful, specifically when dealing with mobile devices where screen display densities...
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