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    Ok, I'll try to explain my problem. But I almost solved it.

    I want to take a photo with the camera ==> check

    then I want to overlay a frame on the taken picture. Say e. g. a pink transparent...
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    Did you find any solution for this? I'm currently facing the same issue
  3. Thanks for your reply. Meanwhile I already solved it in another way, as I needed some more space to the top.

    refresh: function(chart){
    var minMax =...
  4. Hi,

    I'm interested in the same thing. Did you find a solution to the problem?

    Many thanks in advance!
  5. but the bug is fixed in 4.2.1 with actionColumns.

    no idea about stopSelection.
  6. Thanks for your hint! As I'm using a custom theme, I noticed, that it was build with 4.2.0. Just rebuild it with 4.2.1 and the error is gone. Seems like the CSS file from 4.2.0 does have some slight...
  7. Hi,

    I have following code

    Ext.create('Ext.button.Button', {
    itemId : 'routingMenuButton',
    text : Locales.routing_buttonLabel,
    iconCls :...
  8. thanks for the files. I'll try them out later.
    Yesterday I noticed, that I did not change the type of the axis to numeric, but instead just left it with category, just like the tutorial. After this...
  9. Hi jmayer,

    thanks for posting your answer in this forum.
    I recently ran into the same problem. I have a set of data, which had the size of approximately 2500 elements. Loading all the data took...
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    Hi Tobi,

    thanks for the hint. I'll give it a try.
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    Hi Tobi,

    I already tried changing the reader to JSON. But that just looks for the property 'theme' as intended. Unfortunately I can not change the JSON file. So I really need to read the above...
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    I'm totally stuck at a point for a while now. Maybe I'm just too stupid to understand the idea behind the stores. I have following Json string

    { "1":[0,68,65,75],
  13. oh boy. You're right. That looks a lot more simple than my approach. Will try that later on! Thanks!
  14. Thanks a lot evant. That made the job!

    However, as you pointed out that it is a kind of overkill, can you give me some hints for a suitable wrapper? I would need to wrap the options object, that...
  15. Sorry, my fault. I wasn't sure what you ment with context. The error is in 'ext-all-debug.js:988'

    But after some debugging I found out, that Ext.create(..) in my case does not create a proper...
  16. Thanks for your answer! But I do not get your code snippet. Where would I use it?

    The error occurs when I try to call


    mentioned above.
  17. Well, I simplified the example. I have a lot of request which contain an authorization and some other stuff in the header. Now every time I make a request I have to manually add these data to the...
  18. First of all, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately the error still exists. Changing 'Object' to 'Ext.Base' did not solve it.
  19. Hi,

    I have several Ajax.requests in my application. Some options are the same and some are dynamically added. Now I was trying to extend a class, so that the fixed options are always set. But it...
  20. alright. Thanks for the information!
  21. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is a way to prevent the selection of a row when clicking the icon in the actioncolumn of a row. I spotted the 'stopSelection' option, but that does seem to have no...
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    I searched through the forums, but did not find a satisfying nor working solution for my problem. I have a class that extends 'Ext.grid.Panel'. Inside I set the 'emptyText' option. But it is...
  23. did you completely remove the classic theme?

    I created my own custom neptune theme following the guide and that resolved the problem as well.
  24. seems like the docs have been updated. Haven't tried it yet though.!/guide/theming

    EDIT: works fine! Thanks for the update
  25. I found out, that it is the box-shadow in
    .x-window-header-default-top Is there a way to get rid of that by config? Or is overriding the css the only option?
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