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  1. +1All our projects have used SA and it saved us a ton of time. If I have to learn extjs, I rather spend it learning something else... there are definitely very attractive alternatives if you remove...
  2. Definitely had a GridDragDropPlugin and similar structure to what you have.

    The issue is that I had something working in Architect 2... then I upgraded to Architect 3 and it lost the parameters on...
  3. Currently I have:
    framework:Ext JS 4.1.x

    Previously I had whatever was the latest release Architect 2.

    It was a grid...
  4. After upgrading an Architect 2 project to the production release of Architect 3, our drag 'n drop stopped working. Turns out that the onbeforedrop function now had no parameters. After defining the...
  5. good here too - thanks!
  6. Same issue here on OSX 10.8.5 MBP. Saving the project also seems to repaint as a workaround. Slowing down things significantly.
  7. No, that was not the case. Use SVN, but do not make any changes while Architect is open.

    I never saw these messages again. Only happened for one day and not able to recreate.

    No idea, but all...
  8. Sometimes when saving a project I get: "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <"

    This only started happening today and restarting Architect makes no difference. It "seems" like everything is...
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    Yes, very good. Your approach should get the same job done, but a little more involved to override the config.

    Where the reconfigure approach with storeId=null creates a new instance of the store...
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    This is still an issue today, but this workaround may help:

    1) remove the store from your gridpanel

    2) dynamically create the store and assign it to the gridpanel:

  11. Thanks for the research. At least we understand why it is behaving the way it does... the challenge is that the results are not logical for human beings.

    Maybe the algorithm is too aggressive? ...
  12. Thanks for taking a look.

    The confusing part is that when you search for "volunteer", you get a long list of things that makes no sense... instead of an empty list. So the assumption is that...
  13. Thanks - must be something with my project then, because I am not seeing the results as described.

    Where should I email the project to?
  14. In a big project, it becomes real hard to find the class that you are looking for and many hours are wasted each day scrolling up and down the list trying to find something. So I have been asking...
  15. Just did an upgrade an svn is still happy. Thanks! Well done!
  16. Thanks for fixing! When will this fix be available for download?
  17. Much appreciated!! We are super excited to start using it.

    I am sure you will see that Architect steps on some the tmp folders used by svn.
  18. Same here. Architect 2.2 is useless to us until this is fixed. Please prioritize! We have waited for a long time to get the fixes in 2.2 and now we cannot use it.
  19. Will do - next time I will save a copy of the project in that state so you can recreate it (or at least more likely to recreate it).
  20. I am using the standard Architect install (build 676) with whatever version of ExtJs is it configured to use.

    I cannot recreate the issue. When I had an issue, I simply deleted the button and...
  21. Using build 676. Right clicked on a button and tried to convert it to a cycle button. Got this error message and a request to report it here:

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating...
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    You guys rock!
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    The plugin is already included and completely works when I add add a plugins array to the config. The only issue is that the view within Architect goes blank.

    It sounds like either...
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    Actually, that is not what I am asking for :)

    I just need to be able to specify a custom plugin and not get screwed up by Architect. Architect should pretend it is not there. It works at...
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    Can you please provide me with a status update on when this will be fixed. The override causes compile issue when using the page compile with the new Sencha Cmd 3 toolset.
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