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  1. Yes i load them from a subdirectory within the www folder
  2. Hi,

    i tried porting the the O'Reilly Conference app to an android app, because this app is a good base for what i want to do.
    I first tried the simple Hello World App to make sure my eclipse is...
  3. Ok, now i that i know what i do wrong and what i dont need ;-) maybe you can give me little example on how to improve my code.

    I am not very familiar with all that callback functionality. The part...
  4. Hi,

    i have an app (phonegap) that checks if a data file needs to be updated and downloads the file.
    That all works perfect. But if the download takes a few seconds the app gets started not...
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    ok this problem is solved. I figured out how to read a flat file and import it into a sqlite database.

    What i now need to do is change from the json proxy to the sqlite proxy.
    I am still...
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    Hi Mitchell,

    thx for your reply.
    I want to create an offline app for iphone/android using phonegap.
    The data is not coming from a server, it is stored within the app. The app should be a...
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    in my last question i had some performance issues parsing a "big" JSON file (200kb).
    I now thought about splitting the data and put it in 3 different DB tables.
    When the user starts the app...
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    Hi tomalex,

    thx for sharing this nice plugin. It was exactly what i was looking for.

    I am stuck with a little problem here (just started whith sencha touch).
    I have a json file containing data...
  9. Thanks for your reply.

    cache manifest will not work in this case.
    All files are stored in the app (no files need to be loaded from an external source).

    As i wrote earlier i'm planning an ios...
  10. No one any ideas how i can speed up things?

    Or store data in a better way than in json format?
  11. Its the original data.json that comes with the oreilly example.
    Its 200kb

    What i would liken todo is process the data once and store it on the phone so the next time you start the app the json is...
  12. Hi,

    i recently started playing around with sencha touch.
    I am planning to develop an app similar to the oreilly example app.
    Loading the app on my iphone in safari takes about 30 seconds till i...
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