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  1. Currently i figured out, that the Reccource/Library used includeJs: falseincludeCss: false

    Setting this to true reenabled the use of custom style (new with latest release?)

    I did not made a...
  2. after upgrading project from former release using custom theme SA starts generatin "app.json" with empty

    The formerly working code was

    "css": [
  3. Hi Casper,
    Thankx for the Code snippet.Sorry for the delayed Feedback, but i did Not got a Feedback Mail on new replies.Maybe i am thinking about prototyping such a function also in my Code...
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    Hi Phil,
    very cool!

    I was just searching for an parallax effect.

    It is nearly the same nice effect as used in the Sencha Con app.

    Just a hint!
    If you use image property "mode: image" or...
  5. Trying to use a "Ext.dataview.DataView" with config
    component: true,
    defaultType: searchdataitem,
    store: 'Songs',

    SA will not display store data inside SA but instead raise...
  6. Thanks Arne,i will try this an see if it will work for me without depending issues.Thanks for the tip.Holger
  7. I know that i can do this.

    Using Ext Dsigner 1.x there was no chance to build an application without postprocessing it with an ant task (replacing xtypes, columns, etc).

    Currently i would like...
  8. Hi Phil,sounds good.

    (1) Currently i have pushed my Font into Resource Theme and have to live without preview inside SA.I do not want a font ressource as a css, because this lead to another css...
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    The question is the answer ;-)
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    Since SA3 the ExtDirect support is much better than SA2.

    Currently there are some small isues concerning cached APIs but the sencha team is working on that.

    Using a cached ExtDirect resource, a...
  11. 1) EXT JS !OK
    Using a custom theme inside Ext JS, SA/CMD will compile it into "APPNAME-all.css".

    The same thing inside Sencha Touch will copy the theme folder to resources...
  12. Hi Jason,maybe the notice has been clearTimeout.i have opened the ticket a little bit later and the error has gone by by reloading project after starting server.DSGNR-5182 would be a great benefit...
  13. During opening my project i got a setTimeout error.
    The error was visisble inside log.

    I think the error depends on my used ExtDirect resource, because if i do not start my local server the api...
  14. Hi Jason,currently i am on CMD is available through support dowload i also tried this because ProjectSettings->Framework is always telling to Upgrade Build Tools! I think...
  15. There is a path issue using custom scss inside SA!

    I have added a font folder containing FontAwesome resources directly under ressources.

    Now i have added a custom scss file under the theme...
  16. Hi Jason,
    nice to hear that this will not be a problem anymore.

    Currently on ressource/library config i disabled all checkboxes concerning include css, js, etc.

    Inside Touch this seems to...
  17. Just updated and SA kills my nerves ;-)

    On each save, boostrap.css will be overwritten!
    Inside Resource/Library i disabled all checkboxes!

    Also app.json and .sencha/sencha.cfg are...
  18. Currently, most Sencha model bindings are working One-Way.

    You are able to use a form and loadRecord/updateRecord, but a lot of other frameworks are currently implementing Two-Way binding.

  19. Hi Jason,
    adding grouper fixed the issue inside!

    I just mailed my two projects Ext/Touch to


    Maybe you will find out what is going wrong inside SA3.
  20. Hi Jason,
    Touch Library:

    by the way, on starting project i got a lot of error warning
    unsupported sub component type: basicfunction...
  21. Hi Jason,
    the issue is not the wrong store name!

    I can not set the property grouped: true!

    Each time i try this, the popup is shown and the action is rejected.
    The property is currently not...
  22. I have a list with a binded store.

    Tyring to set grouped: true the editor is telling that i need at least some settings on store like grouper, remotegroup, etc.

    The issue is, that SA seems to...
  23. Any news on this?

    The bug is still represent in


    I am using Sencha Architect and the workaround using
    requires Ext.util.Point
    fixes it, but that should not be the final...
  24. Currently i am not able to use Dates as expected inside IE8!

    My Workaround is to use overwritten dateReadFormat, but normally (and in previous releases)
    'Y-m-d' should be detected be default!
  25. ExtJs ComboBox triggerAction property 'last' is not available in selection!!/api/Ext.form.field.ComboBox-cfg-triggerAction

    Cheers Holger
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