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    Can you give me more information on creating the splash screen in Architect please.

  2. Mitchell,

    Are there any examples on how to implement the defaultTabletPickerConfig?
  3. Can any one help with this or confirm if it is a bug?
  4. ssamayoa,

    I have read that post and had hoped that this behaviour was an Ext Js issue and that it had been
    implemented in the Sencha Touch 2 framework.

    So you are saying this same issue...
  5. Have been struggling with this and no responses.

    Can now update the child record if pre-existing.
    The following works on pre existing child records:

    var rec = store.findRecord('id',...
  6. timbellomo,

    I can confirm the the exact same behaviour as you describe.
    I am using Sencha Architect Version 2.0.0 Build 442.
    I posted the other day about not being able to sync the child nodes...
  7. Any help out there?
  8. I have a store which loads a nested json with a model that has a hasmany association.

    Ext.define('Maint.model.JobDay', { extend: '',
    uses: [
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    After upgrading Sencha Architect to Version 2.0.0 Build: 439, I am getting the following error on one of my projects.

    Uncaught Error: The following classes are not declared even if their files...
  10. Hello,

    When using a selectfield in Sencha Architect, I've noticed that the picker component automatically scrolls to the selected item in the list , however the overlay list component does not.
  11. Aaron,

    Thanks I removed the custom id and all works.

  12. Aaron,

    Yes there is see below, how do I get it there from Designer.

    Ext.define('Maintenance.controller.Business', { extend: '',
    config: {
  13. Hello,
    Installed the new build 355, today and upgraded project in the process.

    Now I receive an Uncaught SyntaxError:Unexpected Identifier in the designer generated section of my Controller.
  14. AM

    I am new to web services, I am getting the error below when I try to post to WCF service I get the following

    Cannot process the message because the content type 'text/xml'...
  15. Yes I have added a jsonwriter to the proxy on the store in designer, have only set the root property.

    Yes all 405 problems are gone, have been working with both c and backends.
    I have...
  16. Sorry Aaron, have been battling to get the iis 7 on SBS 2008 to play nice with json POST.

    Kept following the instructions from this thread,
  17. Have managed to get working on localhost iis 5.1, was not configured correctly for json POST.

    The 405 error is no longer and I get a success response but data is not written to the file.

    Do I...
  18. Hello,
    I am having trouble in designer 2 Build 311, with adding or updating data to server.

    I have been working through Phil's citybars example and created a project using the concepts discussed....
  19. Sorry for the delay

    Desgner 2 build 311

    The crash occurs when the picker is on a hidden Ext.form.panel, and I try to select the picker or one of it's buttons.

    Other fields on the same form...
  20. Designer 2 crashes when I select the picker component of the Ext.field.DatePicker in the Project Inspector window.

    Puts up 'TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object'

  21. I am having the same issue having followed the CityBars demo.

    var me = this;
    var merecord = record.get('lastname');
    if (record) {
    //console.log("Loading record...." + merecord);
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