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  1. Many thanks, works fine now using revision 103...

    Many thanks, works fine now using revision 103 from SVN.
  2. [FIXED] Menu item text too long for menu

    If I create a menu with a menu item which has a long description, then the menu item description overflows the edge of the menu. eg

    package com.radworkz.test.gxt;

  3. I tried adding tab.setLayout(new...

    I tried adding

    tab.setLayout(new FillLayout());
    as suggested above, however this results in the tab content not being displayed at all.
  4. Here's the output from running the above example:...

    Here's the output from running the above example:
  5. [CLOSED] 1.0-Beta-2: Border Layout inside TabPanel displayed incorrectly.

    If I create a TabPanel and add a Container with BorderLayout to a TabPanelItem inside it, the container content is not displayed inside the tab panel. eg:

  6. [CLOSE] 1.0-Beta-2: Compiler errors when running with latest GWT trunk version 2649

    I just updated GWT the latest trunk version, 2649. I'm now getting the following fatal compilation errors whenever I try to run any code which uses GXT 1.0-Beta-2. Even an empty application, ie

  7. [FIXED] Tree Click events are fired twice

    If I add a Click event listener to a Tree, it appears that the click events are fired twice for each tree item clicked. eg

    public final void onModuleLoad() {

    Tree tree = new...
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