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  1. update 1: seems that insertChild is calling...

    update 1:
    seems that insertChild is calling insertBefore (wich triggers nodeinsert event), and appendChild (if there are no childs).
    my temporary solution is to listen to both events (nodeappend...
  2. TreeStore nodeinsert event not fired for first child in node

    Assuming we have a tree with some records.

    when insert a node as first node into TreeStore, nodeinsert event is not fired for first record

    - select last row (has no childs), and press...
  3. [FIXED] if you still use 6.0.2 you can use this...

    if you still use 6.0.2
    you can use this override:

    Ext.define('My.overrides.grid.CellEditor', {
    override: 'Ext.grid.CellEditor',

    // TODO remove when upgrade to >= 6.2.0
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    We've added an override just after including...

    We've added an override just after including bootstrap.js

    Ext.Boot.Entry.prototype.loadElement = function () {
    var me = this,
    complete = function () {
    if(me.el) {
  5. Check docs for

    Check docs for method -> "gives a hook point to run any code before your Viewport is created.",

    That means if you load your scripts with overrides using...
  6. [FIXED] missing parameters in documentation for Ext.Loader.loadScript

    Open documentation for Ext.Loader.loadScript and see that the parameters are missing even they are present in source code, not sure why.

  7. displayfield total height is bigger than a normal textfield

    Because of min-height used for displayfield, (which is the same as textfied min-height), display field has more space than a normal textfield. this will miss-align fields.


    Temporary fix...
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    Thanks, I had to use...


    I had to use $form-textarea-body-height:$form-textarea-body-height
    (*documentation seems to be wrong...
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    Can't set textarea height less than 62px

    Can't set textarea height less than 62px.
    works only when add grow: true (even I don't need grow), and when grow is true and have height grow is not working.

    Texted on ext 6.0.2

  10. [FIXED] Thanks kleins and BobR, improved a bit your...

    Thanks kleins and BobR,
    improved a bit your code, to cover tagfields (when they have grow enabled)

    .#{$prefix}webkit .#{$prefix}form-text:not(.#{$prefix}tagfield) {
    height: 100%...
  11. [FIXED] more obvious when have border radius: 55910

    more obvious when have border radius:
  12. + one for deep equals. I'm using: ...

    + one for deep equals.

    I'm using:

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.Object', {
    override: 'Ext.Object',

  13. [OPEN] icorect tooltip align when using anchor bottom

    Tooltip with anchor: 'bottom', will be incorectly positioned when show second time.

    Ext version tested:


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    tagfield as editor hides grid view

    If I have a grid with few rows only and a tagfield as editor, when I try to edit first row, or last one, grid view will scroll down and rows will not be visible and even editor will be in hidden...
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    include extlocales in build folder, then use loadScript with Ext.getResourcePath

    I'm using this way:

    1) include all locales into build folder (not in app.js). To do this I've changed build.xml

    <target name="-after-resources">
    <copy file="${basedir}/.htaccess"...
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    requires: []

    I had the same issues with production build (on Ext 6).
    I was missing one required file.

    requires: [
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    sencha package build - failed

    Same for me,
    after update from,
    sencha package build
    is not working anymore.

    [INF] Aliases are enabled
  18. I have the same problem on my project. I've seen...

    I have the same problem on my project.
    I've seen that when I have a viewport it does not add overflow. Temporary we don't have a Viewport.

    So thanks for the temporary fix, I'll also want to know...
  19. [CLOSED] [] themes size have been increased with ~100KB in 6.0.1

    After I've update to extjs 6.0.1 from 6.0.0 I've realize that theme size have been drastically increased with no reason.

    ext-6.0.0\build\classic\theme-neptune\resources\theme-neptune-all_1.css |...
  20. [FIXED] [] Building package will duplicate css code

    When I try to build my theme (package), all css from packages\my-classic-theme\sass\src will be duplicated in ext\6.0.1\packages\my-classic-theme\build\resources\my-classic-theme-all_2.css and...
  21. [INFOREQ] slice images are not generated in packages

    Having same problem when I build my custom theme.

    sencha package build

    Small example is to open next link in IE8 or IE9:
  22. [OPEN] The bug seems to be on Ext 6 as well.

    The bug seems to be on Ext 6 as well.
  23. [DUP] field.updateLayout inside grid toolbar cause grid columns to resize with 1px

    calling textField.updateLayout() will cause grid columns to rezise each time.

    instead of 'searchfield' I just added a simple 'textfield' in this example wich call updateLayout inside 2 methods...
  24. [FIXED] Scrolling with touch screen is not working on buffer grid

    I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon touch screen enabled laptop opening this 2 examples:
    and ...
  25. Ext.selection.ModelView allowDeselect with CTRL+Click

    Is there a way to deselect rows only with CTRL+Click?
    In ext3.4 it was by default I think, and I could deselect rows.
    In ext5 all the settings I've found are with simple click and also can't see...
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