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    [BREAKING][4.0][]: No valid model or field configuration could be found so this store could not be constructed. Please see the header docs for for details on properly...
  2. @Doug Thank you for your help and advice,...


    Thank you for your help and advice, unfortunately this is one of the cases where it is necessary to have the process done procedural. I have 3 combos where the value in the first has to go...
  3. @hendricd I have tried both you solution and...


    I have tried both you solution and also to add a queue, but I think that the problem is in this extension because of the statement "". I have also tried to add a...
  4. Hi, I have 3 remote combo's with initial field...


    I have 3 remote combo's with initial field values where the value in combo 1 must be passed as a parameter for the combo 2 etc.

    I'm on Ext JS 3.3.0

    I'm trying to delay the AJAX call...
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    me to

    me to
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    Hi, here is another way that I use in v3.3: ...


    here is another way that I use in v3.3:

    Translation of general text used in controllers is done in the browser by adding a javascript file with the appropriate language:

    1. A...
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    Bug in JsonStore ?

    This is at Ext JS 3.3.0

    I have a remote store in a Combo, it is really quite simple but is generic because the description comes from the server in the responce:

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    sendMessage not working


    I'm trying to upgrade from Ext 2.3.0 to 3.1.0 and uses miFrame to send messages from open tabs back to the viewport.

    But I'm stocked, because it dosn't work anymore and I have tried a lot...
  9. Thanks, but I'm on V 2.3 ...

    so I did a little rewrite and has to live with the extend for a while:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.ComboBox, {
    setValue : function(v){
    var text = v;
  10. This works great, but ...

    May I suggest a little add on to the feature request:

    When you use the drop down or search facility the system automatically adds

    query, limit and start parameters to limit the servers...
  11. Please help with a help button in the title

    I know, it's propabely somewhere in the documentation, but I'm running low on batteries trying to find it :((

    How can I place an icon in the title of a grid or a window that opens a new window ?
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    New Open Source Project

    Hi, I am working on a number of server side API's and functions based on IBM Power System i (IBM AS/400 / IBM Iseries) to support efficient application modernisation and commercial applications (ERP)...
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