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  1. How do I prevent Navigation View title from displaying ellipsis ...

    I have a navigation view that gets other views pushed and popped out.

    However the title of on the Navigation bar displays an ellipsis.

    So does the back button when I push a view into the...
  2. How do you add requires section in Architect 2

    I can't seem to find a way to add the requires section to my app from Architect 2.

    Any pointer highly appreciated.
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    View and Controllers patterns question

    I am still trying to get a hang of Architect 2 and ST2, so pardon my ignorance

    Here is my setup
    I have a MainController and a ListController in the app.
    MainView, LoginView and ListView.

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    Architect 2 controller confusion

    Looks like every time I add a new controller to the project, it is automatically added to the controllers config section of the app. Additionally each of the controller's init and launch functions...
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    How do I import a plugin into Architect 2?

    I am looking for a calendar UI plugin for Architect 2. Also how do you import a plugin into the toolbox?
  6. Looks like that not been fixed in Architect 2...

    Looks like that not been fixed in Architect 2 release version either. Thanks for the workaround.
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