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  1. Sencha is becoming more closed source :( I also wanted to know what happens when you build an app with Sencha Cmd and I think it's hard to know without source code.
  2. icon: {
    '57': 'resources/icons/Icon.png',
    '72': 'resources/icons/Icon~ipad.png',
    '114': 'resources/icons/Icon@2x.png',
    '144': 'resources/icons/Icon~ipad@2x.png'
  3. No I haven't. Shouldn't icon setting do that all the work for me? I did test in chrome and there aren't tags in the first place so I doubt if it's missing icon file issue.
  4. A way class overrides work is so magical! What is the name used for? 'Override.form.Panel'?
  5. Sure. I have this app running on my iPad. When I try to add to home, the icon is of Sencha instead of my app icon which I defined in app.js.

    This app is live at
  6. Running Sencha Touch app in Mobile Safari
  7. So I have defined icons with this setting [1] and I am surprised to see this config does not make touch inject link tags in head for "Add To Home" functionality. Is there something I am missing?
  8. I just investigated how FastBook is doing it and figured they have constant top positioning which make cover photo of fixed size but in my case cover photo is...
  9. Please take a look at this

    I have made a CSS demo of what am I trying to do in touch with flex containers. Please give me some hints as how would you set thumbnail...
  10. I stumbled upon this today. So sad I can't continue app development with this important functionality.
  11. Replies
    It is a bad bad mistake to remove PullRefresh refreshFn. I was uisng it to make POST request with data and now I don't see another simple way.

    I hate when Sencha breaks stuff like these :(
  12. Right I had same behavior. I thought only platform specific CSS will be applied which is one way to look at it. But anyway it works the other way around and I need to write CSS so the child CSS can...
  13. After reading these amazing tips I ask what is loading mechanism if I specify platform with each css file.

    ios and android both come under phone and may also come under tablet right? So if I have...
  14. Nevermind, I guess this is because you don't want to delete/add list with every new pull but just want to replace what's updated.
  15. Looking at Ext.plugin.PullRefresh source code it occurred to me why fetchLatest function use operation and proxy whereas it can use store.load()

    fetchLatest: function() { var store =...
  16. Previously my form worked fine but with ST 2.3.1 upgrade, I have to pass
    submitDisabled: false which works but is weird.

    Previously I used:

    Now I am using: ...
  17. I have this complain about Sencha that why I have to always fill in my information whatever business I do with them? For example, I got an event invitation and it asks me to register with this long...
  18. Please take a look at this fiddle

    If you see in chrome console you will see gender value is either sent as m or f but if you see Network tab in chrome console...
  19. Couldn't. I used to use weinre but this time when I used weinre, it didn't work. It kept timeout for god knows what reason.
  20. > sencha cordova init [AppID] [AppName]> sencha app build nativeThis works!
  21. Same here using "sencha app build native"
  22. @include icon('schedule', '\\');

    Above code in app.scss doesn't load icon on my android device running 2.3.5. I don't know why but this ( does show that icon...
  23. I think this app specific bug as this works on Android
  24. And does it expect packager.json in the root? I have and packager.iso.json
  25. Yes I was trying to build native android. With your suggested command, for which platform it will build? iOS or Android or Both?
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