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  1. Iv'e used this approach to get over this problem

    Ext.define("Foo.override.panel.Panel", (function () {
    var override = {
    override: "Ext.panel.Panel",
    foo: 1,
  2. 1. Open the restful example and change the restful.js to this

    Ext.require(['*', 'Ext.grid.*']);

    Ext.define('Person', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [{
  3. One observation:
    The fix i described (listen to the "write" event on the store and set the blockRefresh flag true on the view) works quite good with one little exception, the cells remain visually...
  4. 1. Download a fresh copy of ext (i tested this in 4.2.1gpl just now but it's the same in 4.2.2 comercial)
    2. Place it in your web root
    3. Open the "restful" exemple and edit the restful.js as...
  5. If you have encountered the problem above and in your grid you also use the grouping feature, take a look at this bug also,...
  6. The setup:
    grid + grouping feature + editing plugin
    add a record to the "original" store
    the store will generate an idchanged event which normally would be picked up...
  7. If you use a grid with any editing plugin and a restful store, this is the sequence of the "events" which generates multiple dom operations, some of them very expensive and unneeded

    1. you edit a...
  8. I think the problem is in function
    On line 316, a store is created for the record no matter what.

    store = record[storeName] =...
  9. I've managed to add a custom property like this, i guess it could be cleaned up and separated in a custom function to support adding multiple properties at once

  10. Any progress on this anyone?
  11. You add this function to the grid

    getState: function(){
    var me = this,
    state = me.callParent();
    delete state.sort;
    return state;
  12. I am trying to log javascript entries with the help of Tracekit/Raven-js/Sentry
    The problem is that every stacktrace looks like:

    at Base.implement.callParent (/frontend/core/libs.js:6402:32)
  13. Found the answer,
    i needed to as --sdk-path parameter
    Hope this helps someone else :)
  14. Somehow the classpath includes C:\test\sidenav-master\touch\ which includes not only class definitions but also files like sencha-touch-all.js so the definitons of ext classes gets duplicated

  15. I am executing the following command and everything works except the Ext.define does not get rewritten

    sencha -debug compile -classpath=. union -r -class Plugin and optimize -define-rewrite...
  16. After looking deep inside sencha .jar i gave up on this approach since the Optimizer class works with files that contain only one Ext.define

    it would be nice if sencha.jar could provide something...
  17. Is it possible to optimize one js file that already contains all the needed classes without compiler complaining about the missing dependencies?

    I have a buld process based on ant + old jsb method...
  18. It seems like sencha CMD expects all models to be in the "model" directory and when used in store it should be like:

    model: 'ModelName' #which translates to App.model.ModelName

    so far so good,...
  19. If anyone is interested here is a fix that works for me:

    Ext.override(Ext.view.Table, {
    onUpdate : function(store, record, operation, changedFieldNames){
    var me = this,
  20. I have also noticed that in classes that are not visible to VJET, the code folding does not work.
  21. Hello

    I recently installed the plugin and try to use it with an ongoing project.
    There are several issues i noticed with it (might be a vjet problem and not the sencha plugin, ore maybe i did not...
  22. Any progress with this?
    It's seems that it's a case of "race condition"

    If the backend is fast (15ms) then the order of the events will be this:
    1) after record update first the RowModel will...
  23. This seems to work for me

    xtype: 'gridcolumn',
    dataIndex: 'description',
    editor: {
    xtype: 'textareafield',
    listeners: {
  24. Hello Sencha team

    We are in the process of investigating tools for our new project and ExtJS is the best framework for building applications in javascript.
    The best thing about it is that it...
  25. Replies
    The examples above, in order to validate based on model rules, had to update the model.
    if that model is from a store and to that store you also have other bound views (or grids) then whenever you...
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