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  1. I'm writing back to say i've found a workaround:

    Scheduler.get().scheduleDeferred(new ScheduledCommand() {
    public void execute() {
  2. I run in the same exact issue as you...when the number of elements changes the redraw is incomplete.
    I'm using GXT 3.0.5


    (sorry for necroposting ;-) )
  3. I'm experiencing the exact same issue.
  4. The real code is pretty huge to be posted...if I manage to get some spare time I'll try to make a small example.
    The last examples you made are the core of the issue: cast a validation on a date...
  5. Any word on this? I still get this annoying problem and i dont really want to null-check each field.
  6. To help other folks, when you have time please post the solution. thanks!
  7. Aight, that's the problem.
    I've scheduled the validation with an AttachHandler, and limited it only if the widget is attached: all works fine.
    I can live with that but still doesnt seems right.
  8. Toying to find a good workaround i found more clues.

    Here's my stackTrace

    09:45:41.712 [ERROR] [fatturazione] Uncaught exception escaped
  9. I cannot try myself but i suspect this can be an issue on IE6 also. Thanks.
  10. I cannot try myself but i suspect this can be an issue on IE6 also. Thanks.
  11. <ui:with type="com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.container.HorizontalLayoutContainer.HorizontalLayoutData" field="step1MainHorizontalConfig">
    <ui:attributes width="-1" height="190"...
  12. Hi forum!

    I'm here for this issue that happens when i add an EmptyValidator<Date> to a DateField.
    Everything goes fine, but when you run it with IE7 or 8 during the "attaching" process of a panel...
  13. Hi colin,
    thanks for the fast reply!
    In my case, I just retrive via RPC a list of DTOs to be displayed in my table, eventually filtered.
    Server side I've Spring+Hibernate and when I create a...
  14. As title says, I just updated from GXT .2b to .3 and everytime I make this operation

    public void success(List<T_DTO> result) {
    storeT.clear(); //this is a ListStore<T> for a grid
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