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  1. Sencha Team,

    Is this Issue resolved in Window Phone 8.1 OR ST 2.4.1 ?

    Please update and any work around if not fixed?

    This is a very important Issue effecting Window Phone 8 app quality from...
  2. hi,
    any response please.
    Just want to narrow down...if it is a known Issue of sencha or bug in Window phone webView or problem in my app.

  3. thanks for support.

    below are screenshot.


  4. Already tried this solution.

    But this also has one problem.

    ON PreGDR3 device: 1 pix white line on bottom and when keypad opens up one pix white line also on Right edge

    On Post GDR3 device:...
  5. I have strange viewport Issue on Window Phone 8 using ST 2.3.1

    We are using third party Hybrid container to wrap webapp devloped using ST2.3.1

    Issue is web-app is coming in small screen (Both...
  6. Thanks for your reply.
    It seems that alsothis issue is solved with Sencha 2.3, now i can use navigationBar: false with out Hanging IE10
  7. Any solution on above issue , i am also facing it on 2.2 [build date2013-04-11 13:53:58 ]
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