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  1. Will test it. Does it offer digital signing?
  2. Hello Murray,

    I did a lot of work in the past on AIR with Makana. I still really like AIR as one has gotten used to its interactive methods, os command calls, SQLite support etc. And well its been...
  3. Hello,

    I worked on a project which involved the teachings of Sencha ExtJS and Adobe AIR (

  4. Hello,
    I've stumbled upon the same type of error even in 3.4.0. Now I cannot tell if the the bug still exists or I've used the wrong implementation of the 'beforeedit' listener on the...
  5. Hello All,

    Not support in 3.x? Any clues?


  6. Hello All,

    I'm stuck scratch my head over UTF-8 encoding. Everything is saved property in the database and the json return string is correct as well.

    I was doing some testing with German text...
  7. Hello,

    I'm using the wizard ux that you created and I'm running in a problem in IE 8 with a combobox which has scrollable list.

    There list appears detached from the combobox. I've tried using...
  8. Hello,

    Thanks, that was the solution using Ext.apply!

  9. Hello All,

    Its the first time I'm using the Ext.flatten and I don't know if it behaving properly. I have the flowing array of arrays which I would like to be in 1 single array.

    From my...
  10. Hello All,

    Its the first time I'm using the Ext.flatten and I don't know if it behaving properly. I have the flowing array of arrays which I would like to be in 1 single array.

    From my...
  11. Hello,

    I've tested some of the work arounds and its a mess. Is there support for vertical-toolbars for 3.3 or must I do a merge of both 3.3 & 4.0?


  12. Found a previous thread but don't necessarily want to override the formatting for the entire application. Is there a was to limit the data formatting to only this instance of row editor?
  13. Hello All,

    I've tried to use localization but can't seem to get it to work correctly. I simply want that when ever Ext reads a datefield in rowEditor, it doesn't try to convert to Something like...
  14. Close enough. Not quite the same dark tone I was looking for.

    The class in "gray theme" is

  15. Hello All,

    I have a need for a Simple Pivot Grid Layout (left axis). I'm pivoting the data on the backend so I basically already receive 2 records.

    My Grid is editable and is used for Start-End...
  16. Bug is related to scrollbar offset when swtiching between tab panels with large record sets..
  17. Replies
    Running into the same problem.

    Need to apply 2 level filter to 1 combobox (filter(cid) by customer id, then filter(name) project_name.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance with this .
  18. Hello,

    Still suffering problems from very large record sets. Firefox:

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to...
  19. Hello,

    Found a work around with Oracle Backend.


  20. Hello,

    I have a grid which renders properly with 50 records (using paging toolbar) but fails with larger outputs. 100+
    Both records sets have been validated on JSONLint.

    Here is the 50 that...
  21. Hello All,

    I have a general question to which I somehow cannot find the answer.
    I've rolling back an implementation of paging comboxes and would like to know what is the max number of records I...
  22. Hello Fay,

    Thanks for your help. I troubleshooted my code and found that I was out of context with the component. I had it set the var = comp-id inside a huge on-load function, and was executing...
  23. Hello Fay,

    Thnaks a lot for the suggested function. I've tried to work with it and I still can't get the parent component which in my case is the combo box.

    Since my combox xtype are cutom...
  24. Hello All,

    I have a combobox xtype component in my form with a hiddenName (project_id).
    I need to run a filter on the store as this is part of an update form and it should only list the project...
  25. Found that at some point the output from ther truncated 1 comma, rendering the JSON invalid.
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