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  1. Solved the problem(?).

    If you use "sencha app build package" every code within "//<debug>" and "//</debug> will be excluded. My Loader.setPath() was within those tags. Couldn't find an explanation...
  2. Hello everyone,

    I have a small library which I need for my apps which I get into my app with the following code:

    Ext.Loader.setPath({ 'Ext': 'sdk/src',
    'MyLib': 'smalllibrary/src'...
  3. If I use

    sencha app build native

    my app starts automatically in the iOSSimulator. Is it possible to get the same behaviour with
  4. Hi bluehipy,

    yes, that works fine!

    I've found another solution for my problem. I called this.redirectTo() to set the initial route, but it seems I can rely on an empty route, too:

  5. Hi everyone,

    I have a strange problem with this.redirectTo() and can't figure out how to fix it. I have an app.js which looks like this:

    name: 'RouterApp',
  6. It seems I can use safely instead of record.get('child').date, but the grouper doesn't properly group anyway. Seems more like a grouper problem, instead of a...
  7. Hi everyone,

    I load a JSON into nested models. The store which loads the JSON should group the models, but groupFn is called before all nested data has been loaded. Can I delay the groupFn call...
  8. Aha! I can add custom configs with the filter field. Thank you very much for your answer. This works.
  9. Hi everyone,

    when I hand-code im allowed to say:

    xtype: 'navigationview',
    navigationBar: false
  10. Me === noob.

    You shouldn't exlucde "@include sencha-carousel;" from your app.scss. D'oh!
  11. Didn't know that card-layout extends fit-layout, but my layout breaks. I made some screenshots and post my code for each screen to illustrate my problem.

    Layout works without carousel:

  12. Hmm, no. Sorry for confusing you. English is not my native language - that makes explaining difficult.

    I just want to simulate an experience very similar to Android homescreens. (You have multiple...
  13. Hello community,

    I have a component which is displayed only correctly, if it is nested inside a parent component with layout set to fit.


  14. At the end I used a method like this:

    // this == a component which extends Ext.navigation.View with autoDestroy=false
    var component = Ext.getCmp(; if(component) {
  15. Hi everybody,

    is there any easy way to reuse a card component in a Ext.navigation.View? Currently I use something like this:

    if(Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#myComponent').length > 0)
  16. Replies

    I have the same problem, but a different fix, if someone is interested in my fix:

    I use a CSS class to hide the navigationbar (SASS Code):

    .x-container.hide-navigation-bar {
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