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  1. Success here, too! It got broken after an install of JRE 1.8.73 - once those 3 java executables were removed from system32, cmd worked again.
  2. Yes, latest stable release of Chrome seems to have solved it. Tested using Extjs Docs menu and the fiddle...
  3. Thank you, siq, your solution on post 27 is nicely generic and seems to work well.
  4. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.2
    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:

  5. Confirmed bug in 4.2.2
    I then applied the 4.2.3 version of the feature and it solved it. No side effects yet, but we're still testing.
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    I'm hopeful that 5.0's improved built-in column filter system is now good enough to avoid using a plugin. I haven't dove deep enough into though to tell.
  7. Still an issue in 5.0 beta - hasn't gotten any better.

    I haven't yet been able to put code to my design. It seems that idea plus the example from Eric in 4.1 is the closest we're currently at.
  8. No, we've taken the destroy/re-create approach instead.
  9. OK

    And for those keeping track, reconfigure didn't get me very far. I'm now going down the path of a full grid destroy then add with a tweaked config. This will ensure the grid starts up with the...
  10. Yes, just like this recent related thread:

    What else must happen to update the grid's...
  11. Additional info:

    If you applyState before the grid component is fully initialized, the unhidden column will appear fine.

    The bug only happens after the grid is visible and you applyState to...
  12. 4.2.1 and 4.2.2 nightly 9/24

    If your grid defaults a column to be hidden. Then later you change state to unhide it and save that state. On later usage of that saved state via applyState the...
  13. Checking now using 4.1.1 from your Fiddle example seems to work as expected. Still bugged in 4.2.1
  14. Confirmed, it works in v4 of Cmd
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    Cmd 4 seems to include support for 'watch'. Undocumented thus far.
  16. Got it. Unfortunately stable 4.2.2 appears to be from a nighly near September 18, given the minor version number. I guess that's why I was seeing reference to 4.2.3 already, because the nighlies for...
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    Yup, still in a problem in 4.2.2 nightly 9/24
  18. Yes, the sliding pager example is perfect for this, uses memory proxy with enablePaging:true!/example/build/KitchenSink/ext-theme-neptune/#sliding-pager
  19. Latest word is next week for 4.2.2 stable.

    Nightlies have fixed a few layout bugs for us, but introduced a new problem related to tree grid and paging (but the paging portion is kinda custom).
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    I appreciate the reply, looking forward to 4.2.2 GA.
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    Unfortunately the current date and lack of 4.2.2 release only reinforces the original poster's thoughts...
  22. Excellent override, picofaradpjf!

    That solved my layout run failed issue with autoSize on a grouped column that contained defined hidden columns.
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    So far so good using ExtJS 4.2.2 nightly, but I had to force the padding on x-column-header-inner to avoid Ext's auto-padding of top/bottom to valign center the text. Else the column filter would get...
  24. Thought I had the same issue in 4.2.2 beta but I simply had to turn remoteFilter and remoteSort to true to make filtering affect all pages. Whew!

    remoteFilter: true,
    remoteSort: true,...
  25. Thank you for the detailed reply. I should have noted that it worked in 4.1.2a

    The new method I'm using in our app is to define plugins within our base defined grid's initComponent. I also tested...
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