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  1. I'm super excited to see how you did this!!
  2. This is a really great idea, I would love to see your example of this in Github to see how you would solve the problem...
  3. Hi I know you said that you had no Ext JS 4 projects at the moment but I was wondering if there was any possibility that you will be porting this excellent project to Ext JS 4 in the near future?...
  4. I have a date picker field with emptyText set.
    When I do a form submit using the config option includeEmptyText, if the date is NULL then it does not even appear in the submitted form fields.

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    And I can confirm the same bug on Firefox 5.0 / Windows 7. Thanks.
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    As has been said this is a known bug but it is affecting many many users so I really hope Sencha can prioritize it (given it seems relatively trivial to solve)

  7. Yes that workaround disables the loadMask and stops the problem. But is there a workaround which means that the loadMask can still be used whilst we are waiting for the bug to be solved?
  8. Hi,

    Thanks for replying. Yes it is a duplicate.

    Please continue all discussion in

  9. *BUMP* please will Sencha open a ticket for this bug as it has been verified as existing by multiple users (including paying customers).
  10. Confirmed this is NOT fixed in 4.0.4. Please can you open a ticket for this problem.
  11. Was this ever fixed? I am running into this bug too. I don't see a ticket number.
  12. Hi

    I really like the functionality of After The Deadline spell + grammar checker. (
    I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to integrate this with the HTML Editor in...
  13. Please close this - this is not a bug. .enableKeyEvents = true is required.
  14. This problem still exists in 4.0.2a for the 'validateedit' event.
    For validateedit the originalValue is always the same as the value property.
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    This is still a bug in 4.0.2a. You cannot edit cells in a locked grid. Very simple to reproduce. Please sencha can you add this to your internal bug tracker.
  16. Simple to reproduce - the text field does not trigger any of the keypress events if you add listeners for them and then type in the text field.

    testPanel = Ext.create('Ext.panel.Panel', {
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    This is STILL a bug - sencha please can you assign a case number to this. The workaround above is not a proper solution to the bug.
  18. I too would love to know if you have looked into porting this to Ext 4.0? It is a really great extension for Ext 3
  19. Upgrading from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 also gives us the error:
    me["get" + layout.perpendicularPrefixCap] is not a function

    How are we meant to fix this?
  20. I can only add to what has been said above. We are making significant, long-term financial decisions based on the expectation (hope) that ExtJS will be a serious competitive framework in the near...
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    I too have encountered this problem and would appreciate it being bumped up the development priority list. Thanks.
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    If you setup a very simple TreeStore with autoLoad: false (because you have the component hidden, for example) the TreeStore still tries to load the proxy URL.

    This is wrong - it should NOT try to...
  23. Still a problem
  24. Sorry you are right. FF4 Windows 7. If you do this:
    2. View > Zoom > Reset
    3. View > Zoom > Zoom In

    This will reproduce the...
  25. Tree Store does not sync its data on change.

    To reproduce:
    Setup a TreeStore with a TreeGrid.
    Enable cellEditing on the TreeGrid.
    Change a value and it should make an ajax POST to the update...
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