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    When I rollover a link on a project exported from Animator, the cursor remains an arrow. I would like to change the cursor to a pointer instead on rollover. Any tips? Thx.
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    works great! thanks for the tip Arne :)
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    This may have been answered before... Is there a way to pause in the timeline and setup an action to go to a specific time and play through? Example: animation plays and pauses at 2s. Upon click...
  4. Is there a way to achieve the same thing? I have about 60 scenes as of now and Animator is starting to really slow down and crash alot. I need a way to split the scenes up so I can keep my sanity and...
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    It would be great to have option to either group scenes or have detachable windows for scenes and properties. I have over 30+ scenes currently and navigating scenes is pretty time consuming. Being...
  6. The problem seems to be solved in Safari v. 5.1.7 on mac but still exists on same version of safari for Windows. The problem also is highly noticeable in iphone OS 5.1.
  7. Is there a way to stop the screen from flickering? When the linked webpage loads, the screen flickers for a moment. It doesn't flicker when navigating within the same URL, it only flickers when...
  8. It works! Thank you so much Arne. Just made by Animator workflow so much easier.
  9. Hi, I want to do the following: Create a link to open new URL upon. Instead of jumping to scene1, want to specify a particular scene to start. (The linked URL page is also created in Animator with...
  10. I was on a PC when I tried this. Went to a Mac and it seems to work. Which brings the next question, on a pc I can have multiple instances of Animator running, which makes it easy to switch between...
  11. Selected a nested group object with children. Hit copy, went to different project and tried paste, Paste doesn't even show as option in menu. Thx.
  12. the copy and paste doesn't seem to work as described
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    I have a GIF animation in scene 1, after it goes to scene2 and then back to scene1, the GIF animation does not play. How can I have the GIF animation restart when we go back to scene1? Thx.
  14. I want to assign different animation values for position and opacity of the same object. For example move to 400px @ 4s. with a custom curve. opacity to 0 @ 3s. using a linear curve. Is there a way...
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    only works in safari based browsers it seems
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    Is there a way to change the z origin within sencha?
  17. That's great stuff. Thanks for the link. Do you have an example of how I can modify this script to tie it to a scene change? That's the part that I am having difficulty. any help is GREATLY...
  18. it would be great to see some animator project files with custom javascript and custom css in them to decipher and learn from. Or even having a training session that concentrates on implementing js...
  19. I am trying to do the following:

    user swipes touch area to the left = launches scene 1
    user swipes touch area to the right = launches scene 3

    Kinda like a carousel, I just need to register the...
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    when you change the Perspective in the Advanced section, you can see the perspective in the browser. Try playing with the perspective setting.
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    Do you have a reference guide to the new Object Action list? In particular touchstart, touchmove, touchend, touchcancel. Thx
  22. found a workaround. I grouped the affected layers and now it does not flicker. Thx.
  23. I have an animation that plays fine in chrome. When played in safari, the first image that is animating seems to be flickering. It reminds me of z-ordering getting messed up in a 3d program. I've...
  24. Do I put the js in the "custom JS section" or in an HTML editor?
  25. is it possible to replace onClick events with hover event in a HTML editor?

    scenario: user hovers over a hotspot and scene change occurs.

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