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  1. Hi
    I have a fieldset where i have to dynamically insert components which are textfields. I first render to the user the fieldset having these textfields and if the user wishes he can insert the...
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    anyways...thanks for the fast reply. i really liked the item selector and wanted to use in my application. Now due to deadlines of the project i need to search for an alternative
    thanks for...
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    Heres my code. Am using Ext 2.0 and i have tried the latest release of itemSelector as well as your v2.0.

    var testData = [
    var test = new...
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    Can someone please help me? Am not able to load data in my itemSelector. Am able to get my itemSelector but there is no data. I used the same code posted in the example. But still not able to...
  5. Hi Evant
    My problem is like this:
    Suppose my tree is hierarchy of folders. I want to add a new folder(suppose it can be empty).
    So for adding new folder i create a new node and append it to the...
  6. HI enotsl,
    Could you solve the leaf problem? Because i have the same problem. I dont want it to be leaf; even if i set leaf to be true(boolean and not string) it sets it as false and shows my node...
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    Hi SmyersM
    I saw your post. Are you still using YAHOO.util.CustomEvent for your custom events or did you get any way around to have the same utility but through EXT.
  8. Hey Blex am posting you my code. See if anything u can make out.
    Ive tried all the options suggested in the forums. All threads i searched but i am not able to fix the posting error.
    Heres my...
  9. Blex, can you please post me your example of submitting form spanning multiple tabs? Am having problem with submission of forms. The parameters dont get passed and all i get is null for all parameter...
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    Seldon, I did try the way u suggested. Am rendering my form in LayoutDialog. But my form.submit() doesnt seem to work. Its not sending the parameters that i type in my form. Ive also fixed(override) ...
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