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    I have a webservice that returns an HTML fragment (a table) for displaying dynamically created user information. It is displayed as the html config of a window after the ajax call.

    I've added a...
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    I personally have no issue with the license changes. I think that overall, it will bring greater growth to the library as there will be more financial exchange from commercial licenses allowing for...
  3. Wow, nice find. That explains the issues I though might be related to memory and opens things further than before. All that's needed then is the xml commenting.
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    Demo not working in IE7.

    Probably trailing commas from the errors.
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    Also, right-click (or some other button for that functionality) doesn't work, but that's probably the same issue that the base browser (Opera) has.

    I was surprized how well it did work out...
  6. Another question, The other two products that you have, are they encompaced by the studio product?

    Is there any reason that one would want to get all three as opposed to just the studio?
  7. You were right, tables was unchecked.

    Okay, my immediate impressions. It wasn't clear right out of the box how to connect to the database. Some documentation details would be good here; however,...
  8. Hi LiXin,

    I'm checking it out.

    I am probably doing something wrong, but when I connect to my database (sql server 2005) and check off tables, I then click extract metadata. I then get an empty...
  9. Wow, cool. That was fast. I shall definitely check it out.


  10. Very Cool. I can tell you that I have been looking for something to fit into the pipeline to save time on some of the grunt work of creating the business layer but have run into the above issues.
  11. Hey, LiXin. I won't argue that. However, the examples and support, out-of-the-box, of any such tool for the language that you use make a big difference in initial use and learning curve.
  12. I've have to tell you. I work for a Visual Basic house and I've looked at a number of code generation tools recently for work and all are sadly lacking in VB support.

    Which make them useless to...
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    It's just an interface design. I think it is useful as such. It has the benefit of a familiar setup up. Of course, this could also confuse. But in the end, it is just one interface to choose from.
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    Okay, yeah. I've done some. I can't go into it. Current project, NDA's and all that.

    Anyhow, for loops are your friend. ;)
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    depends on what you mean by org chart.
  16. Anyone interested in VS intellisense should check out this thread:

    Looks to bring all the xml commenting into VS for Ext.

    Very Cool....
  17. I'll need to check into it. The one thing that I noticed is that this version uses the empty functions route that I had started using. I did find that that lost some of the benefit of Visual...
  18. very cool, indeed. I'd been working on this in a very slow, as I need it, way. Thanks for finishing it up :D
  19. Very cool!

    Downloading now.

    Does this make use of the <returns> tags? That would be awesome.


  20. No Problemo
  21. Don't know what thread that is but the top two forums, "Premium Help" and "Feature Requests" are for paying customers only. If you are trying to reply to a thread in either of those, you won't be...
  22. I saw today on the MVC Contrib discussion group this thread:

    ASP.Net MVC Extjs support

    In it one of the main commiters stated that they are looking for someone with Extjs experience to help...
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    It is not my problem. But it is good to know there is that option if needed.
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    I personnally could care less. However, I understand the exact situation that ddanatzko describes can be a real concern. As ridiculous as I would consider it, it could even lead to sexual...
  25. No Problem. Glad I could be of help.
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