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  1. Hello everybody,
    I am trying to figure out how to display the total record count of the grid on my extjs 4 page.
    I am using the following code and put it under listener.

  2. Thanks Joel,
    I tried to subscribe to the load event as follows. Actually I want to display the total number of records on the grid title bar.
    so I have this code. I am listening to the load event...
  3. Hello team,
    I would need a help regarding displaying total number of records in the store on the top of the page.
    I have a page where on the top I have a form and underneath there is a grid/Store....
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    Dear team,
    I have a question regarding collapsible grid.
    Is it possible to change the title of the inner grid dynamically, based on the value of the one of the columns in the inner grid. Right now...
  5. Thanks Mitchell,
    Your explanations make complete sense to me.

    Really appreciate your time!!

  6. Thanks for the answer Mitchell,
    So does it mean that, if I don't need to use View Controllers and View Models for my application that I am going to write in ExtJS5, I can still use the same old...
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    Hi team,
    In my card layout, I have defined my Card1 and Card2 like this.
    Card1 and Card2 are both Grids.
    User should select a row and hit Continue button to go to Card2. Card 2 should accept the...
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    Hi Scott,
    I was able to find the problem.
    What was happening is, when I was defining the Model class, I was not prefixing them with XXX.model.History,
    rather I defined them as following. When I...
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    One difference I observered between the two scenarios is that,
    When I have everything defined in index.html,
    the 'record' variable has a property called historyStore.
    But when I have everything...
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    its coming 'undefined' for me.
    What I did is that, I moved my Models out of index.html and used the Application.js, viewport.js to load my classes.
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    Hi Scott,
    I used the example in this reply. If I used it as is, it works fine.
    But when I separate the Classes, like Company, History and move them out of Index.html, I get the grid,
    But when I...
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    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the answer. Not sure if this will fit into my requirement exactly, but the information would be very useful in implementing what I need.

    Really appreciate your help on this....
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    Also, how would I get the grid under the entire row, as you mentioned about it in your last post.
    I have not been able to figure this out yet.
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    Thanks for the answer Scott,
    So what would be my best bet in your opinion.
    Embed and HTML within a cell.?
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    Thanks Scott,
    But I did not understand the answer. Could you please explain more.
    Also, what are my choices if I want to only expand and collapse 5 out of 10 columns.
    Also is it possible to have...
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    Dear all,
    I have a requirement where I have to create a grid with collapsible rows.
    I have taken an example from the sencha documentation and it works fine. However, I need to have some of the...
  17. Hi Team,
    I am planning to migrate my application from extjs 4 to 5. This is the way I have structured my Models, view and controller.
    However, as per the extjs 5 documentation, it...
  18. Thanks a lot Scott for trying to help me.
    I will try the last thing that you posted and see if it works.

    In general, I feel that Extjs4 does not have a great support for Date feature, especially...
  19. Thanks for the response.
    However it is not working for me.
    I tried to use the type:'date'. but IE does not display anything now. Its just blank. and the Chrome displays the date of one day before.
  20. Dear all,
    I am struggling to figure out a problem related to Date.
    problem 1) The date returned in the Json is 02/28/10, but when it displays in the grid, it shows it as 02/17/10 which is one less...
  21. Hi team,
    I am trying to implement datepicker using the following code. I am setting the value of the date dynamically using the following code. It works fine in Chrome, but it does not work in IE9....
  22. Thanks Scott,
    I copied this example But this example from sencha website. They have it this way there as well. And in there, its not calling the create method. It only calls it when the Update...
  23. Hi team,
    I am having problems with Grid Row editing.
    I want to create a simple application that provides CRUD operations.
    I created my application based on the example provided on sencha website....
  24. Thanks a lot Scott,
    I got the point now. Thanks a lot for the explanation.
    I added the total in Json response and it started working correctly.

    Once again I appreciate all your help.

  25. Hi Scott,
    This is not working for me. What I am doing is, I am making a database call and getting only the number of records that is defined in my store definition. In this case, in my database...
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