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  1. Hi everyone,

    What is the recommended way to theme Touch 2.1.x charts in Architect?

    For Ext JS charts, a config option "theme" is available in Architect to help with this. However, this config...
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    +1. This same thing happened to me this afternoon.

    I am running Designer 2 on Windows Vista. If I remember correctly, I had deleted a link to a tab panel and deleted another panel. I then created...
  3. Aaron - Thanks very much for your response!

    I apologize in advance if this question shows my lack of experience: The links you provided are from the ExtJS Docs. Is the BasicForm also valid for a...
  4. Hi everyone,

    I'm building a Touch app with Designer 2 (build 298).

    I have a form panel and field set defined with various input fields. I also have a model defined and a Json store defined...
  5. Hi everyone,

    After sleeping on this and making a few tweaks I was able to get my Select Field values populated with values from a JsonP store.

    Here are the additional steps I took:

    1) Make...
  6. I'm building a Touch app using Designer 2 build 288.

    I have created a simple Form Panel with a FieldSet. One of my input form fields is a Select Field.

    At runtime I want to load the possible...
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    Hi CaliLuke,

    Thanks for your response, and happy new year!

    I have reinstalled Designer 2.0, but I am still unable to authorize.

    I then deleted the license file you mentioned (Windows Vista),...
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    Is the new Designer 2 licensing server fully available now? A couple of weeks ago I was able to reauthorize, however today I am locked out of Designer 2 because "Unfortunately Your Trial Has Expired."
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    I ran into this as well.

    I am using a Touch 2 list view in Designer 2, Build 82. The list view is populating as expected with store data. However, list view event itemtap and other events...
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