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  1. Perhaps this is all because these calls are being done cross-domain.

    I want to reiterate, when I hack the code to make it so the iframe, which Ext.Ajax.request creates for uploads, is visible and...
  2. Not sure about the 500 error. I've tried that exact code on several platforms and browsers at this point. The upload works, but I'm still getting this response:

    argument: undefined...
  3. This must be a problem with the contentType of the response (which is "application/xml"), b/c I'm still getting an empty response.

    I created a test Scribd account. Try running this, a variation...
  4. I do appreciate the's baffling me as well.
  5. Yeah...both doc and doc.body are undefined. I'm using an API I have no control over, so I can't control how the response comes in. The browser displays their XML response just fine, but because Ext...
  6. No...that's what's weird.

    responseText : ""
  7. Ah. That makes sense. Unfortunately, I'm using an API that I don't control so I can't alter the response with the version and encoding included.

    The browser is displaying the XML within the...
  8. I see.

    Yes...after copying the necessary files from the SVN, the problem is still there.
  9. Stupid question, just because I've never done this in the do you move the thread?
  10. Thanks jsakalos
  11. I have.

    doc = (frame.contentDocument || window.frames[id].document);

    doc is undefined in both Firefox and Safari.
  12. I'm still getting an undefined response.

    Aaron, looking at this "bug fix" from the forum thread you attached, it looks like this function has been changed in Ext.form.Action:

  13. Aaron, are there specific files I can copy from the SVN to make this work now? I tried copying the code from to override what's currently there, and I'm still getting an empty...
  14. I'm using Ext's way (Ext.Ajax.request with isUpload set to true). When I remove the "x-hidden" class from the iframe, the XML response is there, so the upload is happening, but the Ajax request...
  15. I'm using Ext.Ajax.request to submit a file upload form to work with the Scribd API to upload a document.

    The upload works fine, but the response object is returning empty:

  16. Any updates on the Safari error? It still is not working...
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    Can you add "!important" to x-hide-display in Ext 2.0?

    .x-hide-display {
    display:none !important;

    When I try to hide a menu item, "display: none" is being overridden by...
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    anyone in these forums from Chicago? I'm looking for an Ext enthusiast to help me with a project.
  19. Here you go...
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    I figured this one out. ComboBox overrides autoSize with this:

    autoSize: Ext.emptyFn

    But if you override it again with this, it should work:

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    can you add the panel resources back into the svn? I see that MonthPicker uses panel/tool-sprites.gif

  22. In Ext.Button and Ext.MenuButton, the focus method does not work b/c it's looking for an 'a' tag, which does not exist in either template.

    focus : function(){
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    I added getSelected to Ext.ButtonToggleMgr to grab the selected button in a toggle group

    Ext.ButtonToggleMgr = function(){
    var groups = {};

    function toggleGroup(btn, state){
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    I'm trying to make my ComboBox grow as I type, and it should (I think) since it extends TextField (which I can get to grow). I've been looking at the code and there doesn't seem to be anything in...
  25. I'm noticing the same thing. Anyone have a work around? Any way to capture the event?
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