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  1. hehe - here the "para" way:

    folderlist.getLoader().on('beforeload', function(tree,node){
    var expanded = new Array();
  2. thanks for your hint.
    In the meanwhile I've build something tricky myself :-)
    The Problem is that bevore the onBeforeLoad event is fired it deletes all the nodes - so
    childNodes is always empty.
  3. I've a tree which does reload at a interval of 5 Minutes. When it has reloaded,
    it is completely collapsed. How can I get all the before reloaded expanded nodes open again?
    I've tried to hook into...
  4. ... I see ..
    thanks for your help and your code example.
    Works well for me.
  5. Thanks for your realy fast answer.
    ... Yes, I know it is insecure :-)

    I've tried

    mdecode = Ext.extend(Ext.util.JSON,{
    decode : function(json){
    var j =...
  6. I do a lot of AJAX-Calls in my app and need to get sometimes javascript code back from the
    server which the clients should execute.
    I' don't want to rewrite my ajax-handlers, so how can I extend...
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    thanks. but what's with the html-editor - does this widget not get a focus and the input field leaves it in that moment?

    And what is the difference between setValue() & setRawValue() from...
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    nop .... it didn't work ... I've done it this way now, which works for me:

    myForm.on('beforeaction', function(form, action){
    Ext.each(form.items.items, function(item){
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    ... then it seems to work .... damn ... somethimes I don't see the wood for trees ...
    But why? When should I use set/getValue() and when set/getRawValue() !?
    I thought the difference between them...
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    Hy everyone.

    I've a big problem with some form fields.
    I'm developing a webbased mailclient and I have a dialog with some inputboxes for entering
    the recipients and under them a htmleditor for...
  11. hy!
    I'm currently developing a form which looks like:

    | label1 |inputfield1 __________________|
    | label2 ...
  12. Hy,

    I've encountered a big Problem with the Ext-SWFUpload widget which took me the whole yesterday, maybe there should be a big warning on the custom-ext page.
    Don't try to use it with HTTPS!!!...
  13. ok - after several hours I've got it:
    set the "designMode" to Off.

    Form.findField('mail_body').doc.designMode = 'off';
  14. Hy.

    I'm writing a Mailclient and have a problem.

    I'Ve got a form where the message which should be read is loaded. the body should be displayed in the HTML-Editor komponent.
    after that I want...
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    use name_of_the_grid.container as DropTarget !

    var grid = new Ext.grid.Grid('grid-example', {
    ds: ds,
    cm: colModel,
    // enableDragDrop: true, // if you also...
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