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  1. Again a license change...

    In this thread mitchell simons states that the first 2 patches are available:
  2. This does not seem to work in ST 2.3.1!
  3. Shamelessly bumbing this thread...
  4. Hi,

    I'm trying to implement in my application. I'm using the standard ext direct pack.

    Now it's easy to add functions like this:


    But I can't figure out how...
  5. It's because ext overrides the enter button and inserts <br> tags instead of <p> tags. I've overridden some ext functions to make the editor run smoothly:

    this.htmlEditor = new...
  6. Can someone from the developer team comment on this? Will this ever be fixed?
  7. Thank you for the great component! I fixed a bug in it. when the component is removed from a formpanel it still leaves the overridden getValues function on the parent formpanel. My solution only adds...
  8. It's still undocumented!
  9. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1

    Adapter used:

  10. It doesn't seem to work in 3.2.1 either.
  11. how can we override this?
  12. As a workaround I've overridden this function:

    onFirstFocus : function(){
    this.activated = true;
  13. I tested with Firefox 3.5.8 and I'm pretty sure it happened when I was using ff 3.0.17 too.

    I did some more testing and now I was able to replicate it. It only happens when you put the cursor on...
  14. I was writing a simple example and couldn't replicate the bug. It must be something with my app. I'll do some further digging. Thanks for your help.
  15. When you load a htmleditor with some html like

    <font face="arial">
    Dear John,

    Best regards,
  16. It's better with 3.1.1 but unfortunately still not as speedy as with 2.3.
    Is there any way to optimize my app for 3.1.1 instead of 2.3?
  17. Great! I will be very happy to try those patches on my app. Because I want to stay with the latest Ext releases and use all those new features but the speed is holding me back.
    Thanks a lot for all...
  18. Thanks!

    I know only the initial rendering is slower. But on older machines running IE you will get warnings like: "Stop the running script? The script is causing internet explorer to run slowly...
  19. Yes, they say 3.1.1 will address it but I'm not sure if the beta 3.1.1-release already contains all the speed improvements. I hope not because because the current beta release still isn't fast enough...
  20. It seems that the render performance of the beta release 3.1.1 is still far from the 2.3 performance. If you compare my app here with IE8 you'll see that 2.3 is much faster then 3.1.1 is too slow to...
  21. Hi,

    I've been waiting to upgrade from 2.3 to 3.x for a long time now. And every time I attempt it I'm stuggling with the enormous speed decrease. To demonstrate this I've setup my app with both...
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    Is there any news about this? I have customers asking about this and I would really like to support them!
  23. I modified the GridSummary plugin to read the totals from a 'totals' property that comes from the JSON response:

    {results:[], totals:{record like the rows with totals}}

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    Yes I have. I also tried on another computer and the load goes way up too. Even with the Ext dynamic forms example. I use Ubuntu on all pc's so it could be ubuntu specific, allthough it also happens...
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    Great! Just post it at the board in the Contributed development forum.

    I'm not sure why my PC is very slow with the HTML editor. Maybe it's Ubuntu related.
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