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  1. Hi,
    I am maintaining an array. It contains some key values pairs and it keeps changing. How can I view this array in extjs?
    eg : var arr =[], arr['abc'] ='online'; arr['def']='offline' etc
  2. Hi,
    I am using Ext.getBody().mask('Please wait...', true); to show loading mask and Ext.getBody().unmask(); to unmask it. Also I am loading the controllers dynamically [somthing similar to...
  3. The problem is that I have a list of names that comes from one service. And status comes from another source [more precisely, from the presence of XMPP/Strophe].

    So whenever the status comes...
  4. Yes , I have made that true.
  5. Hi,
    Earlier I defined the controllers in the array controllers. But as the number of controllers increased, the application takes significantly more time to load. To overcome this problem, I...
  6. Hi,
    I am using grid pane with row expander plugin.

    Its model has two fields, name[String] and status [String]. When the store is loaded, it only has name values. Status values comes form...
  7. No. I don't see any request made to the express Installer.

    It requests for my swf file. But after that nothing appears.

    When I installed flash player in the firefox, then it work. But I...
  8. Hi,
    Thanks for reply.

    When I checked the jsb3 file, it does not include the controllers that are loaded dynamically.

    How can I include dynamically loaded controllers in the jsb3 file?
  9. Hi,
    I am embedding flash component in my application. It is working fine in browsers where flash player plugin is installed, but it doesn't work where flash plugin is not installed.

    I have...
  10. Thanks for reply.

    I have made one html file. But after minimizing this it still needs the app folder.

    I was under the impression that after minimizing, it only needs
    1) app-all.js
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    I am using chrome.

    When I load controllers dynamically, then for first time it takes time and but once the controllers are loaded then it takes less time.

    Is these any way so that, I will load...
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    I am facing problems regarding how do I initialize the controllers.

    1) If I initialize all the controllers at once, then it takes too much of time to load the site ~ it takes 13 seconds to...
  13. Hi,
    As per earlier suggestion, I have divided the application into two part :
    1) login.html => to handle login/authentication [Written in Extjs]
    2) main.html => user dashboard [Written in...
  14. Hi,
    Problem is resolved.
    I was using
    store.load({ params:{ },
    success: function() { }


    I was kind of hoping that when the store...
  15. Hi,
    In my controller I am loading the store. I have added success handler on store load. But the problem is that on success old store values are shown.

    When I load the store second time, then...
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    I have a form. It contains multiple dynamic generated combo box. How can I send the value of combo box selection on form submission in organized way? Each combobox do send its value to the...
  17. As per your suggestion, I separated the login page form main application. I am relying on session to check if user is logged in or not. It is working fine.

    What if user deletes browser cache? ...
  18. Hi,
    Requirement: If user is not logged in show him, login window, otherwise show him dashboard.
    Approach Used: In ViewPort, I created two card : loginWindowCard and dashboardCard. Based on user...
  19. Hi,
    I have a model containing fields: id, name, description, icon. The display of this model will contain an image, some description( text field), and split button for actions associated with this...
  20. Hi,
    How to add extjs split button in xtemplate and add listeners for splitbutton?
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