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  1. Thanks seek. I came up with an almost identical solution earlier. :)

    Ext.chromeVersion = Ext.isChrome ? parseInt(( /chrome\/(\d{2})/ ).exec(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase())[1],10) : NaN;

  2. It seems that both chrome and FF are dealing with box-sizing incorrectly. Its just that FF is more consistently incorrect.

    The W3C spec says that box-sizing applies to 'all elements that accept...
  4. Chrome 19 became stable last night, so this issue will now start to affect users.

    The issue has been logged with the Chrome team, but with no response as yet. Are there any temporary...
  5. What are the chances of a ExtJs 3 release before the next stable release of Chrome? (end of May-ish)
  6. Thanks Scott.

    How can I track the progress of this issue?
  7. ExtJs is version 3.4, the issue seems to affect Chrome 19 & 20 (any minor version).

    See attached screen shot and example page. The example page is very stripped down, as it took me a while to...
  8. From Chrome 18 upwards tables with table-layout:fixed are rendered differently. (Rightly or wrongly, I don't know)

    This causes grids that are 'fit' to the width to spill over and some columns...
  9. I am trying to find a way of filtering a gird to just the currently dirty rows.
    Either using the the GridFilters plugin (ideally) or some bespoke code.

    Any suggestions?
  10. I am trying to dynamically populate a ExtJs FormPanel from a datastore record.
    When the user clicks on a row in the GridPanel, the buildForm method is called and the clicked record is sent passed in...
  11. I am have the DataWriter writeAllFields = false, so it is only sending the modified fields back to the server. I in turn am returning only the modified fields back to the DataReader (this may include...
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