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  1. I have a bug related to this fix for 4.2.1:

    A 4.2.1 grid that works great in FF and Chrome, and displays shock and awe ( MAJOR FLICKER and JUMPING) when I remotely select all rows from a second...
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    I have a version that preserves the actual records in the store.

    Initial version above was not passing me items I could use with my current app (we keep
    separate records for every cell). So I...
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    selModel: new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({
    grid.ddText = get_dd_obj(this, i, ke, row);
  4. I was in a panic, so I emailed Jay, excellent advice here:

    The way you do it is,

    copy the css properties that you want to alter from ext-all.css

    Then prepend your custom css selector to...
  5. I need to add a grid to my main page, then in a window object dialog, display a second grid.

    Customization to the x-grid3 and other default grid styles get picked up by both grids.. which seems to...
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    ok, I get it working now
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    how to oeverride onover and onout? I did not find them in api doc?? also, how to get treenode when mouseover/mouseout? there are mothods for select/click, but did not see over/out in api doc??
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    Hi Zerogiven, did you just copy mouseover code and then change over->out? I did the exact as you did, but mouseout plugin doesn't work at all.
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    Hi Condor, thank you for the response. I completely customized the tree, e.g. use different icons and styles for the tree node. I added trackMouseOver:true, but nothing happens when mouse over/out. ...
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    Hi, I'm trying to add mouseover/mouseout events to my treenodes.
    Mouseover works fine, however, the mouseout event cannot be triggered.

    Any ideas?
  11. Please correct my disconnect if I'm inccorect:

    but the node returned by getRootNode doesn't appear to have a reload() method, leading me to believe it is an object type TreeNode, NOT...
  12. As of which API version?
    Doesn't seem to work for me in v3.2.1..

  13. if anyone has another site up with a demo of this running, let us know.
    I assume it never got contributed to Joola or similar site?

    looks like same deal as my ISP, always having CC expire, or...
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    Personally, I think you will find these two architectures so diametrically opposed that nobody here has an opinion.

    Keep in mind, Ext is the antithesis of JSF. One sez, client is an after-thought,...
  15. How to round corners of grid column header and toolbar?

    I'm so used to just turning the column header off and on, but I've got UX telling me it needs to look rounded and have a margin from the...
  16. Looking for any examples of inline alerts used with a grid in the center panel of a border layout, where the center panel items might be:

    0 - toolbar
    1 - temporary alert messages - 1 row height...
  17. I have a tree I'd like to style such that top level nodes look something like an accordion, but of course, multiple top nodes may be opened at the same time, like a tree.

    Sub nodes would look like...
  18. I've not tried it yet but not sure I know the parameters to use, as a best practice.
    I need a grid that has a min height, then expands to a max height, from there will scroll to show more rows.
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    There was a designer for Ext 2.0 I think, I found on a web page at one time, but forget the URL. A few years ago I was prototyping a large form set, presented as a single page, with radio buttons...
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    Turns out, getting the interaction between components and their various ownership of elements in the layout can be tricky. If you have a lot of forms to layout, and especially if you have a nitty...
  21. "you can gather all of the field values from anywhere in your application"

    So what are you saying exactly?

    Gather all forms into an array?
    Iterate the forms items arrays, and gather all...
  22. I was thinking about that, but that would really be more than one submit, in series I think.

    Not quite what I am talking about.. since it would require separate servlets on the backend for each...
  23. Right, but what if we are within a tab set and all the forms are in separate panels.
    Should all this really be necessary when it's all in the same doc object already?

    I don't think so.. but...
  24. I have the same quesiton, so hoping Animal or someone with some experience will see this thread.

    Most wizards are based on submitting the current form and then moving on to the next page. This is...
  25. In the forms examples, #4 sort of implies that we should be able to make one Save button click submit all the various forms nested within a tab set. In a wizard situation, it would be very nice to...
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