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  1. Hello everybody,

    I have the sencha cmd v4.0.0.203 and I'm trying to add some models but I get the following error:

    sencha generate model PrivateParts total:int,name
    Sencha Cmd v4.0.0.203...
  2. Hello people,

    I use an iframe to display a video, it works on iPhones and some Androids. But is not working on Android 4.1.2 default browser. It works on firefox and Chrome.

    Here is the code in...
  3. For some reason the browser was trying to find the images on the wrong location. After debugging the webapp on explorer I could see that it was using another path.

    It works find on chrome and...
  4. Hello everybody,

    I have a web app that is behaving a little bit strange on IE10 and windows phone. If I use the minified version of app.js that is generated with Sencha cmd some images are not...
  5. Hello everybody, we have build a native app that gets all the content from a webapp.

    Now we need to update to a new version of our webapp and I tought it would be possible just redirecting the...
  6. Hello everybody,

    I have a button that I would like to be automatically updated using two different images.

    To deliver the image I'm using an url (../../../../index.php?id=1748) on the class...
  7. Hi everybody,

    I have an animation which use around 20 images. These images are updated around every 10 minutes.

    At the moment, every time the image is displayed is downloaded again. This makes...
  8. Well I tried before the Ext.get(icon) but I got the same error of:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method 'on'

    Unless I use sencha-touch-all.js :) which it is 5 times...
  9. Thanks for your answer Mitchellsimoens, but it didn't work. If I try with the it doesn't work with sencha-touch-all.js or the sencha-touch.js

    I got the following error:

  10. Hi, I'm using a function that works only if I use sencha-touch-all.js. This makes my webapp slower when is starting. So I would like to be able to use a smaller version of a sencha-touch.js just with...
  11. Hi everybody,

    I use two images some background for a couple of buttons on my app. The issue is that on my webapp, the two images are shown as they should.

    But on my packaged native app, both...
  12. Replies
    I'm getting this error and I haven't figure it out what I'm missing.

    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no method 'on'

    It shows if I use a sencha-touch.js.

    If I use...
  13. Any news on this bug? I'm using sencha-touch- and the localstorage is not persistent when packaged as native app.
  14. I could also instead of including the xtype on the items array on the Main view, call them on the controller using viewport.add(Ext.create('MyAppV2.view.RadarS2'));:

    showRadar: function(){ ...
  15. Hello people,

    I have a couple of questions about what is initialize on startup and how to speed up the startup time.

    I have a sencha touch web-app that in total has 16 views. I have included...
  16. Hi Jerome, works as you suggested:

    Probably I should google a bit more, the answer was also at stackoverflow:...
  17. Hello people,

    So far I been using id to refer to my buttons on the controller and call their functions. But I'm getting warnings about the component already been used and that it should be...
  18. Thanks Jerome, I tried that before, but it didn't make a change. I guess I was on the wrong css file :)
  19. Yes, exactly. Actually the size of the circle is ok, but size of the area to select the circle is what I want to make bigger, so the users don't have any difficulty hitting the right spot.
  20. Width and height area. I have been testing different values on the x-thumb class on the css, but I'm guessing. That is why I ask where this should be handle instead.
  21. Hi guys, I'm using the Ext.field.Slider and works as it should. But the users have some problems using the slider button on the bar.

    So I would like to increase the area where the button is...
  22. I have commented my html as well, but still my dataview itemtpl is not been display :(
  23. Thanks for your suggestion Jerome.

    The fullscreen: true didn't worked. The title bar is shown and also the picture that I added. But not the content from my store.

    And I'm sure I have data in...
  24. Hi guys, I'm struggling with this one.

    I have an xml file and I'm save the info from the xml file on my store. And I would like to display the content on a container.

    I'm trying to define the...
  25. Hi guys,

    I am using Ext.each method, but only works if I use sencha-touch-all.js. If instead I use sencha-touch.js I got the following error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDivElement> has no...
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