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  1. On the card:

    config: {
    defaultBackButtonText: '',
    navigationBar: {
    backButton: {
    iconCls: 'back',
    ui: 'plain'
  2. And how to change it? :-/
  3. I used the Beta, and nothing. This is a knowed issue by Sencha?
  4. No answers again? Oh Sencha... :-/
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    // Change the values below to re-configure the app for a different conference.
    title: 'App Name',

    // App namespace
    name: 'MyApp',

  6. I'm exactly with the buttons problem. I'll try the ItemID pratice, and return a feedback.

    Thanks for the tips! ~o)
  7. But when I destroy and try to recreate a panel I get an error, showing that the ID already exists.
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    Hello Jeffrey,

    I was thinking about to modify the plugin too, but its gona be a pain in the head.I tried to use you code but with no success.

    I put the load, loadpage and filterpage on the...
  9. After some weeks searching, I didnt find any solution for a ListPaging with Load More using a client side store (offline).

    A lot of people are asking (and complaining about the documentation), but...
  10. Hello,

    I'm getting the same performance issues here.

    Could you please paste here a simple code about creating, destroying and back buttons?
  11. I had this same problem. But now I got another: The back Button.

    From the above solution, how to add a Back button that will go back to the previous view?
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