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  1. Base on what do you suggest this?
  2. While this willl work, this is a bug coz i dont want to make my model dirty
  3. i have a very simple model, Store that uses rest and it simply fail all the time with error "You are using a ServerProxy but have not supplied it with a url."

    i try to run: model.tasks.load(1)...
  4. I agree, what is the status of this?
  5. But what is the current solution ?
  6. i need to decide if i am going to invest in ExtJs or not - while this looks as a great framework i couldn't see example for ExtJs 4 that will shows how to do the following (all example were pretty...
  7. i wanted to buy license today, but i am not feeling too good about the product change while reading this thread,
    I would expect a serious involvement of Sencha team - most of our customers are IE...
  8. i don't understand how this was not handled until now?
    the issues of nested array - or might i say true object is a valid scenario that every application has, i would expect a valid nativ solution...
  9. Sabi, thanks for sharing, this is exactly what i am going to do and after few days i am involved in some projects i think that my next project will be some some automation for that, as it looks like...
  10. Thanks for addressing this,
    do you know of any example of application that has such example, amazing i couldnt find even one - wierd?
    Also it little wierd that this kind of beaviour would need to...
  11. I know this will be advance, but still i think this is something that lots of people will want to know.
    I am currently struggeling with ExtJS wanting to implement the attached form...
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    I would expect ExtJS representatives to take this question very seriously, as it will gain much interest by most developers and companies.
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    We are the beginning of developing a web application, few of our requirements are:
    1. Adding nice GUI (elements - E.g. Tabs, Wizards, etc)
    2. Being accessible (section 508)

    My concern is...
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