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  1. Bump! The same problem applies to final release of GXT 2.2. The only solution which comes to my mind is to override ListFilter class in a following way:

    private String valueProperty=...;
  2. Yes, you are right, but in my app adding/removing rows always requires instant server interaction and store reloading, so it works for me.

    Anyway, even if I did that this way, I would still have...
  3. Hi there!

    Well, it's not a real bug. However, this refresh event (Events.Refresh) fired by GridView definitely deserves it's place in API documentation. It's very (very!) useful event, because...
  4. You're welcome, nice to see that fixed :)
  5. Hi there!

    The problem:
    Group separator (I mean the horizontal bar with group name and collapse/expand button) width is equal to browser window width. So if grid content is wider than browser...
  6. @pletrox - sorry, I've just read your message. Overriding generateUrl method is, in fact, rather simple thing. The tough part is intepreting it on the server side ;) I'm not finished with it yet,...
  7. Understood. Thank you, in that case it seems to be the best thing I can do right now.

    But I have one more idea: if BaseFilterConfig.toString() returned RpcMap.toString() (I mean the map from...
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    Wow, that was fast :) Again, thank you very much.
  9. Hello everyone!

    I've found concept of grid filters very promising and started playing with it. Although I had no problems of getting them to work on client side:

    GridFilters filters=new...
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    Hi there, is it possible to add these messages to


    stringFilter_emptyText=Wprowad┼║ tekst......
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