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  1. When the field is disabled the value is not sended to the server. That is the reason why I'm trying with readonly, but I don't want that the user could select another value by pressing downkey....
  2. I have a combobox with readonly:true and hideTrigger:true.
    When the control has focus and the user press down key the list appears and the user can change the selection. How can I prevent that?
  3. First of all I want to congratulate the owner of this work. It's awesom.
    Now, I have a question:

    While I'm adding a new row to the grid and then I press 'ESC' key, the row's edition is...
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    Thanks a lot Animal and Condor!!!
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    In a FormPanel the form's fields has a label. In a formpanel, I'm using a button like a field ( the button makes an Ajax request and it update a div in a form ). Is there a way of having the button...
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    Hi comunity!

    I have a simple question: Is there a way to have a labeled button in a form?

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Animal: Thanks a lot!!!
  8. is there a way to do a "foreach" of the form'fields ??

    If it is possible, this maybe work...

    foreach (form.items as item){
    store.lastOptions.params[ ] = item.getValue();
  9. Have you solve this problem?

  10. First of all... thanks for the answer!
    You are rigth... maybe showing both: subtotals ( what the user is looking at ) and totals would make more sense...
    Imagine a grid that shows losses and...
  11. Hi Ext Community! I have a single question...

    Is there a way to use the grid summary with a paging? In fact, the answer is "Yes"... but summary is calculated from the actual page and not for...
  12. I Had the same problem... did you solve it???
  13. I have the same problem. No ideas?
  14. My problem was that I`ve missed
    Thanks a lot!!!
  15. I
  16. It doesn't change... i tried with width but no changes...
    look at the error... something is missing ?????
    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Hi people!
    I'm having a problem when I try to convert an existing textarea to an ext's htmleditor.
    I've read this post
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    Hi, I have a question.

    How can I remove the contextual menu that appears on the table's header of the next sample ???

    Thanks a lot ...
  19. I have the same problems... We need help!! :D
    Thanks a lot!

  20. Hello everybody!
    I want to load a php script into a Panel/windows like a popup.
    I couldn't find an example that do this.
    Can someone show me an example code?
    Maybe using ContentPanel and load()...
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