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    I note in all the examples it tends to revolve around a viewport....

    However, I have something else I would like to do with it - is this possible?
    I have a viewport defined statically in...
  2. I've recently been doing a project with extjs and started using subversion. I use a combination of tortoisesvn for windows explorer integration and also visualsvn for visual studio integration.
  3. The problem with the card layout is that it puts every item you add into the DOM - is that a problem? Just I am working on an app which could have maybe 25-50 items in the layout. If possible I'd...
  4. Isn't that what you have done in the final solution you posted... or am I missing something? If not, an example would be great as I am getting so confused over this issue.
  5. PaddyInDaGorge,

    Are you sure this worked for you? I am having similar issues to the problem you are facing. I run your example and when switching between the tabs, after you switch to the...
  6. Hi Jozef,

    Thanks for all your excellent advice and extensions on here - I have also used your datetime field which is brilliant.

    I'm having a problem using this one though....

    To start with,...
  7. Hi,

    I have a grid a checkbox per row, the user then selects as many as they like, clicks on a button and an action then happens.

    I thought I'd try to be clever - the grid could contain several...
  8. I'm using the PagingToolBar as well as some additional filters (filtering serverside, not clientside).

    Using the pagingtoolbar, for example, on first load, the grid may have 1000 records, display...
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    Sorry I should have been clearer.

    I want to change the Refresh Icon and add text to appear next to it.... not just a tooltip

    I don't think the icon on the paging bar is obviously enabled nor...
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    I'm trying to extend the PagingToolBar to give it a custom refresh icon, as well as add the text "Refresh". I thought I'd try extend it rather than editing css etc......

    I have the...
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    Hi all,

    I've searched various threads but can't work out a fix so far for this issue. I have a viewport with a border layout (north, center, west).

    North is static content, west is a tree,...
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