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  1. Thank you for that awesome explanation. That will definitely help.

    Right now I just need to present the straw man to the user community as a use case, so if I can get it to that point, I'm good.
  2. I've used designer for the first time to design a somewhat complex multi-tab form. Everything looks great in design mode, but if I preview or export and deploy, the layout gets completely jumbled. It...
  3. Vista 64

    Went to run the designer this morning and up comes 'Destination shortcut refers to no longer exists' when I try to start it. Dig around in the folders and find that there is no designer...
  4. Thanks. I knew about that. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't re-inventing the wheel if a method/property already existed. Seems like a relatively common requirement.

    Thanks again.
  5. I should have been clearer. Relative to the left, top of the container object.
  6. I am capturing mouse clicks within a panel. getPageX(), getPageY() return absolute coordinates. Is there an easy way (i.e. a method) to convert these to relative or do I need to provide them myself....
  7. Ditto that. COM services written in Delphi. Most prototyping and deployment done in vbscript (ASP). Slowly shifting to PHP for deployment, but in no real hurry.
  8. Doh! I knew I was being dense.

    The search feature let me down a little, because I just stumbled across this thread that addresses it spot on (after searching and sifting for hours):
  9. I'm embarassed to post this, but I 've burned the last few hours searching the docs, this board, and anywhere else I can think of for clue about this and am having absolutely zero luck nailing it...
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    I realize this is an old post, but this may help someone searching for a solution, as it appears a few folks have encountered this.

    I have confirmed that this behavior still exists in 2.2 and it...
  11. See this to replicate (modified from the basic.html/basic.js in the resizable example):

    The first time you drag a region after you resize...
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    I'm just experimenting with 2.0 to see what it's all about. I played with the resizable example a little and I bumped into something a little weird. I modified the "basic" example to see if I could...
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