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  1. Please ignore - i found the solution, with a little bit of research.
  2. Hello,

    I have a tabpanel , with a layout of anchor.
    Its child elements are a normal panel, and an editable grid. The child normal panel is at the top and the editable grid is at the bottom. The...
  3. for now, i added this to the columns in the cm, and so far it is working , except for a minor issue.
    I will troubleshoot that issue some more before i ask for some guidance.
    Certainly the approach...
  4. Sorry, just a newbie question :)
    i assume simply using it as renderer:'valueRenderer()', in the appropriate column config in the cm should do the trick?

    my column has two editors (both are...
  5. bringing this up one more time -
    # i was able to get the different-editors on different rows to work using the getCellEditor method.

    So now, since i need to show the displayField of the combobox...
  6. so, in my completely noob approach, this is what i did-
    in the store's save event listener, just updated all the records by appending one of the fields with a single space. that did the trick. this...
  7. ok.
    short of that, is there any way to programatically mark a record as 'changed', so that the save will pick it up?
  8. this is already in place in the writer.
    what this does is to ensure that all fields within a given record are always sent.
    what i am trying to do is to ensure that all of my records , in the store,...
  9. Hello,

    Just a noob question :">

    I have a store that uses a httpproxy, jsonreader and jsonwriter.
    I was wondering if its possible for the store to send back all records (changed as well as...
  10. there are only two lists.
    I will test out the last approach you indicated in your post, and post an update later.

    thanks very much,
  11. Hello,

    Asking a noob question here :">

    Lets say my editable grid has 5 columns and 15 rows in it.
    I can easily attach a dropdown to each column using an arrayreader.
    Naturally the dropdown...
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