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  1. Setting the

    "logger": false

    instead of

    "logger": "no"
  2. The default Sencha Touch app (created using sencha app build -e package) used to create a working app that was built using with 2.0.1. Now, with, it hangs on the loading...
  3. A 204 indicates no content but the reader.process() method is called with bogus response data. This is typically the response received when deleting a record as it indicates success but the server is...
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    Sencha created a nice optimization video a while back. The essential points still apply: minimize the DOM. Yes, this means creating and destroying JavaScript-created objects but that is much cheaper...
  5. I tried building my Sencha Touch app with PhoneGap 1.7.0 and it crashed on startup. This occurred both in the Android emulator (2.3) and on an actual Android device.

    Had to go with PhoneGap 1.6.1...
  6. Awesome! Thank you so much for the quick response.

  7. This link still takes us to the 2.0.0 download.
  8. Tangential to this is that the getRecordData() method always sends the id property - this is rejected by some APIs - notably the SharePoint REST API. The writer should honor a false on the id...
  9. The applyStyleHtmlContent method still wraps the argument in a Boolean object.

    Therefore, the updateStyleHtmlContent method sees a false as true since the

    if (styleHtmlContent) {

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0.1rc
    Browser versions tested against:

    N/A (Native Android App)
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  11. I have further narrowed this down to the following case:

    Any container that is added to a tab panel with a scrollable config value of true causes the tab bar buttons to become blank squares on...
  12. Update: I have narrowed this down to a repeatable test case. The icons in the tab bar are blank whenever there is a dataview as a child component. It doesn't matter if it is directly in the container...
  13. This also happens on the Android emulator when running a 4.0.3 ADV so I think this problem is fairly universal to ICS.

    Interesting, however, is if I just create a tab bar with some tabs, they...
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    If you have never coded before, I would respectfully suggest that you first gain a reasonable understanding of JavaScript, the DOM, and CSS. Not having a firm grasp of these before jumping into a...
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    I am happy to see that this issue is being looked into and resolved.

    I can envision a scenario where the change event could be fired even though the old and new values are the same.

    Consider a...
  16. Thank you for fixing this in Sencha Touch 2.0.0. Of course, now that the "successful" event parameter correctly indicates "false" when no network is available, the need for the "operation" parameter...
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    On the download page for the newly-released Sencha Touch 2.0.0, both links in the "Get Started" section lead to pages beginning with the phrase "This Tutorial is most relevant to Sencha Touch, 1.x."
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    Along the lines of my previous post regarding launch and init, the singleton, et al. is another item that is listed under the "Configs" category yet must be specified outside of the config object. On...
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    You could, but that is not the Sencha Touch/ExtJS recommended architecture. You should define each class in the appropriate file located in the correctly-namespaced directory. For example, the class...
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    The id is the actual DOM object identifier. They must be unique for each object instance that is created in the app. The Ext.define operation creates a class template for which any number of...
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    Thank you. I too was confused by this and thought that the init() function was now a config item rather than being at the top level of the class (same as the constructor). I think the same...
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