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  1. I have a same problem as well
  2. showFlowTrackingById:function(id){
    var aview = new ysu.view.TrackingList();
    var nav = this.getNav();
    var store =...
  3. Thank you very much!

    it looks working now,but there is a small problem is why the icon is a little white round here.
  4. Dear All:
    Please tell me,

    How to create an iconcss for a button!

    My css is like this

    .compose {
    -webkit-mask-image: url('inc.png');
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    Dear GroupMembers:

    How are you doing!

    I got a small problem which is my is not working,when I changed the proxy url?

    the code is
  6. What should I do if I want to get the other Paramenters?

    As far as I know,If i use the server side ,I need to get the 'anode' as id,then I can get the next json data for the TreeGrid, If I want to...
  7. Hi
    Do you have any demo with JAVA EE?
    I am working on the java project,and the level and the lft,gtf are so confused!
    please help me!
    Thank you very much!
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    How are you!:) I tried to get the Parameter("start","limit") at Server,but the value is null?
    Please tell me why and how to use the remote ?
    My code is like this

    var root = new...
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