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  1. but twitter api says, "anywhere" is depreciated.
    I am facing the same problem, and haven't got a good example
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    sorry already find the answer,just overwrite updateRecord...
  3. yes it works thank you!
  4. I define a proxy like this :

    ....//extend and configs

    If defined this way, how to bind it with a model or store?
    I tried some ways, but meet...
  5. Hi
    I want to let store load data with dinamic proxy url, e.g with diffent id variable every time, how can I do it?
    I tried with store "beforeload" listener, but not successful, maybe I am in wrong...
  6. hello, I didn't test,but I think you may try this:

    html:'<img src=... style="float:..." />', // Add this 'html' line and place your image
  7. Sorry it is caused by my android code, now it works!
  8. thank you Mitchell! now I got the answer however it is in another way.
    in main.js I add the code and it works. Up to now I am not sure in which case the "require" is a must. I will learn it. The...
  9. Hi,
    Since component views should be defined in different view file, e.g. Order.js, News.js and so on in the view folder.
    But how to add the component view into main view when needed? I read lot...
  10. I run it on android SDK2.3.3, on simulator and on real phone, it just stay at the first card and can't switch to other card, if keep clicking the icons, finally the card will turn into a blank card....
  11. Dear All,
    I used sencha touch 1.x and it works well on android phone and simulator, recently I try sencha touch 2.0,just the sample "Build your first App" of the blow code shown), with...
  12. I find a way to settle.
    just use <tpl if="..."></tpl> to filter the null condition.
  13. Hello Guys,when my store request sql query with a proxy, like this:
  14. I got same problem. I think the key point is how to hide one of the two loading mask, whatever the relation between the two list or store.
    I tried two ways,but neither of them work.
    //first way:...
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