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  1. I have a list, and each list item has a picture with some icons on it. When I click on one of the icons, I want a modal panel to pop up with more icons above the icon I pressed.

    I made a panel...
  2. For this app I am using phone gap, but for other apps I might not want to use PG.

    I get this output when I build:

    sencha package build iphone.json
    [INFO] The application was successfully...
  3. I had generated the app, and i did change the logger setting to false and it still didnt work.

    I got the white screen when using phonegap because of a lowercase character in a filename that should...
  4. I never got it to build and run on the phone with the sencha compiler. It always fails to load.

    But i installed phonegap and used xcode to compile. When it would load onto the device I would get...
  5. I made an object to hold my templates. For my list itemTpl I create an instance of my object and grab the template. Putting it in statics was causing errors, but it works when you put it in the...
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    if you add this to your packager.json, the error goes away, tho my app (or a simple test app) still wont load onto a device or the simulator

  7. If I add in this to the packager file, it no longer gives me an error, but it still wont run on a device

  8. If I change the platform to "iOS" i get this error:

    Assertion failed: (type_ == stringValue), function asCString, file src/json_value.cpp, line 679.

    There must be something wrong with the...
  9. My app wouldnt load onto the simulator or phone, so i generated a new app using sencha command. The only change i made was to the packager file. This simple app will not load onto the iOSSimulator...
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    I am having this problem too

    Only when I build for iOS

    If I build for IOSSimulator it has no errors, tho i get "Download Failed Safari cannot download this file" when I try to run it on the...
  11. I got this to work by doing this:

    // in my list config
    itemTpl: Ext.create('app.tpl.ImageList').template,

    // template object
    Ext.define('app.tpl.ImageList', {
    requires: [
  12. Thanks, calling by the storeid works.

    I cant believe I didnt think of that!
  13. I am getting this warning "Synchronously loading 'Ext.XTemplate'; consider adding 'Ext.XTemplate' explicitly as a require of the corresponding class"

    But I HAVE put a require in, but that error...
  14. None of my stores work. And storemgr.lookup is the same thing as getstore, and does not work either.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
  15. My app was converted over to ST2, and it was working totally fine in the browser.

    Then I moved it over to my mac to start wrapping it up, and I switched it to include microloader/development.js...
  16. In another place in my code, I am updating the data in one of the related items.

    The sync function was not working, and after looking at the objects, the dirty flag (before sync) was false. So I...
  17. Here it is wrapped in an override so you dont have to change your ST library

    Put this in app/ux/WebStorage.js

    Ext.define('app.ux.WebStorage', {
    override: '',
  18. It wont work passing the function in to the config :(

    I had to put it in the mainlist object and put a check on the id to see which instance is currently being used. mainlist is used by a number...
  19. I have a list, and I need to be able to access associated items from the template.

    So I tried using prepareData, but it doesnt seem to do anything.

    var mainlist = {
    xtype: 'mainlist',...
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    I want to hide the tabbar when the orientation is changed to landscape because there is not enough room on the screen to be usable with the tab bar there.
  21. Adding new products to existing cart works totally fine too

    // add new products to existing cart
    existingCart =[0];
  22. When creating a new item (cart), internally it is calling load, and then read (when newCart.products() is first called). The read function is sent a filter with the new items uuid, but that filter...
  23. I took kostysh's ideas and made it almost work. The problem is that the products store is acting global, so anytime you add a new cart, all products previously saved are now associated with...
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    I have an app with a tab bar docked to the bottom.

    I added a function to run when the orientation changes, and it hides the tab bar when the orientation is landscape.

    And it seems to work, BUT...
  25. My problem is that there is no function to get the associated data.

    None of these exist:

    The documentation says that that...
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