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  1. htammen - this was largely fixed in extjs 3.3.0. However I still have to do a manual this.doLayout(false,true) after a fieldset is collapsed or expanded
  2. Firefox is fine. Chrome is broken. Not good.
    I'm coming across the same problem - I want hidden fieldsets that show when the user selects an option in a combobox.
  3. Thanks Animal - that makes more sense, although I think the 'defaults' block needs to be outside the layout config.

    I have 3 graphs and a list view all pointing to different database views for a...
  4. I have the same problem. Did you ever get a fix for this?


  5. Nope. If I add expanded:true or loaded:true (or both) it forces the node to be displayed as a leaf, even though i've specified leaf:false
    Basically I want everything to be displayed as a folder, but...
  6. Hi. I'm using a TreePanel to create a tree of effectively folders, as I want each node in my hierarchy to be able to own other tree nodes. While this works fine if each node sets "leaf:false" it does...
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